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Little media hints…

This holiday week started off with the KIROradio interview with Linda Thomas which you can read about more here.

Linda was a delight to speak with and I gave her a couple of hints of posts coming up next week that you can hear in the interview… namely the limited edition book from Harold Keeler that I picked up this summer (and found on the floor!) at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill location for .97 cents but could be worth thousands!  Yep, this purchase could by far be one of the best I’ve ever scored in all my years of thrift shopping… and I want to share it all with you.

So watch next week for images of the book and for news of the gallery that might be showing it next summer!

Also, Linda reported out on the many, many receipts that I’ve been keeping for everything I’ve purchased this year.  So once I’m truly done spending money at the Goodwill (which literally could be up until December 31st!) I will tally them all up and show you what the final retail & Goodwill prices were and how much I SAVED this year!

Third, is my 2012 challenge where I will be taking Parents magazine, their articles, suggestions and yes… even their advertisers products, to task for a typical American family and blogging back to you how they worked (or didn’t) for us.  I will be sharing the link and my goals for the 2012 challenge “Parents Tested, Mommy Approved” in the post next week as well.

But for now… look for my last post on Goodwill holiday gift ideas this week for those last minute holiday shoppers and the other media interviews coming up in Seattle Met magazine and Seattle Times!


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Media Frenzy


My week started with plans to attend the grand-opening of the new Shelton Goodwill and then I was presented with the added possibility of doing some interviews about the challenge on Tuesday.  The week ended with the grand-opening and a KOMO 4 News interview on the same day! and then came the KOMO Herb Weisbaum & Jane Shannon and KIRO Ross & Burbank radio show interviews to follow!

Needless to say my Saturday is mellow (thank goodness!) so I’m taking some time today to post the interviews, upload new LTGWL items (like the new header image and logo) and play with the baby.

I would like to thank everybody that made these media appearances possible, and for those listening & commenting for the last week!  I’m so lucky to have the support that I have to continue with my challenge for the next 10 months.

Thank you Thrift-public!  Enjoy the KIRO radio interview!

(the KOMO 4 News story is on the right)

KIRO Radio ROSS & BURBANK show interview


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