Media Frenzy


My week started with plans to attend the grand-opening of the new Shelton Goodwill and then I was presented with the added possibility of doing some interviews about the challenge on Tuesday.  The week ended with the grand-opening and a KOMO 4 News interview on the same day! and then came the KOMO Herb Weisbaum & Jane Shannon and KIRO Ross & Burbank radio show interviews to follow!

Needless to say my Saturday is mellow (thank goodness!) so I’m taking some time today to post the interviews, upload new LTGWL items (like the new header image and logo) and play with the baby.

I would like to thank everybody that made these media appearances possible, and for those listening & commenting for the last week!  I’m so lucky to have the support that I have to continue with my challenge for the next 10 months.

Thank you Thrift-public!  Enjoy the KIRO radio interview!

(the KOMO 4 News story is on the right)

KIRO Radio ROSS & BURBANK show interview



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