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Philanthropy is ALIVE!

Last week I had a reporter over at The Chronicle of Philanthropy contact me about the Living the Goodwill Life challenge/blog and my participation in Jenna’s All Thrifty States thrift store tour.

We chatted a bunch about philanthropy (since I work in the nonprofit field and I’m a HUGE volunteer!) and my own personal goals for the challenge and the larger thrift-public that exists in our country.  While most of that didn’t make it into his article… you never know who is watching your actions and it gave me an added burst of enthusiasm for our Philanthropic nation and those contributing to it’s growth!

In the midst of government cuts to fund nonprofits and the added stress of MORE needs to those same organizations, our nonprofits are keeping their heads (barely) above water and continually finding ways to help those less fortunate than the rest of us.  Thanks to Jenna and others like The Chronicle of Philanthropy for continuing to put charity at the fore-front of our everyday lives; showing us that being thrifty and buying recycled goods from nonprofit organizations is a legitimate way of life and that it can be fun, inspirational and that it leads to greater movements in our troubling times!

NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP DAY is only 7 days away!  A PERFECT time to show the rest of the country that living a frugal lifestyle that supports philanthropy is our AMERICAN WAY!

So get out and SHOP and/or DONATE on Wednesday, August 17th America!  Support your local nonprofit organization by frequenting their thrift store and in turn give back to your fellow neighbors!  Show the world again that America always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE made up of philanthropic citizens giving to those in need!

For a list of your local thrift stores go to: The Thrift Shopper



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Really, Really (GOODwill) Renton

This week we ventured down to a new Goodwill store for us… Renton.  I had heard from a reader of this blog months ago that Renton had a larger toy section than most of the other Goodwill’s and since the Seattle Goodwill stores are having a TOY SALE until July 8th, so we headed over to see what goodies we could find.

My older son found two great transformers, for only .99 cents each

And I found quite a few PINK TAG (1/2 off) items…

I have a number of smaller art items that I use to make my upcycled jewelry with, so this tackle-box was perfect to store all those in for only $4.99.  I also try and pick up cards & envelopes for great prices when I can because I also design upcycled Ephemera (collectable items intended to last for a short time, such as tickets, posters, postcards, or cards) so I ended up grabbing three sets of cards and matching envelopes (one pack even had a set of colored markers too!) all were 1/2 off $1.99 each.  I then came upon a new packet of wrapping tissue for 1/2 off .99 cents, a packet of CD sticker covers that were originally priced for $6.99 @ the Container Store marked down to .99 cents @ Goodwill and a mint-condition Pyrex, yellow mixing bowl for 1/2 off $4.99.  Then, just when I thought I was done for the day I came across a great pair of pants for the little one for $1.99 and a Banana Republic tank top for summer also just $1.99!

We enjoyed discovering this new Goodwill store for us and will certainly be back!  If you have some time check out the TOY SALE at any of the Seattle Goodwill stores until July 8th, you never know what you might find!


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Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift Haul

This weekend we ventured out to the Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue) to beat the Memorial Day Weekend Sale crowds and ended up scored some great-green-tag-goodies!  Two of the items in the video were green-tags (1/2 off) including this great brand-new kitchen towel (which ended up being only .99 cents!)…

I had a friend recently ask me how much each item was in our last thrift-haul so I’m going to start listing the prices individually when I can, so here is this Thrift-haul’s breakdown…

Towel .99 cents (green tag deal), Vintage little boy’s T $1.99, Brand-new little boy’s T $2.99, Glass lighting fixture $1.99, Star Wars Birthday present (green tag deal) $4.99

See the rest of the Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift-haul items in the video below and have fun @ the sales (or your holiday travels) this Memorial Day Weekend!


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Mom’s the word!

It’s the beginning of May and we’ve already started our Goodwill Garden, our TOY donation drive (PLAY it FORWARD) is gathering steam and this weekend is MOTHER’S DAY!  So with all Mother’s that might be harder to purchase for… or if you are just a last-minute-shopper who wants to get something unique for mom… well this post is for YOU!

This first item you can usually find @ any Goodwill quickly (if your the last-minute-shopper type) and it doesn’t take any time to put together.  Just insert a photo, put in a bag and VOILA’!  You have a great Mother’s Day gift!

This brand-new frame I picked up a couple of months ago at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill knowing I could use it for a Mother’s Day gift.  But you can usually always find a brand-new frame to put a recent photo of you, your family (or heck, even your dog?!) into for mom as a gift.  I’m a mother and every photo I get I look at often so when I get new images, I love it!

This second item is for those DIYers that want to reuse/recycle something and make it a unique gift for Mom…

I came across these brilliant reused glass light fixtures @ the Fremont Market last weekend and wanted to immediately put this idea to Goodwill use!  So because flowers are often a great gift for Mother’s, I thought I’d try this week to gather a couple of these lights and repurpose them (add a strong hanging wire on the top) for my own Mother’s Day gift (and for a friend’s Birthday party this Saturday).

No matter how you celebrate the important women in your life this weekend try some of these last-minute tips from your local Goodwill and definitely have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from Beautiful and her boys!

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Portland Thrift-Haul

To all our Thrift-public readers out there I’ve put together the first Goodwill Thrift-haul video for you of our Portland trip.

Not only does the Portland Goodwill have more donations than ANY OTHER Goodwill world-wide, but they also have the #1 online title as well!  We are going to one of their “designer stores” tonight in Portland’s wonderful Pearl District and I’ll be sure to tell you about the wonderful items soon!

Enjoy the video!

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TOP 5 TIPS for ShopGoodwill.com

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to the founder of Queen Bee Coupons, a website dedicated to helping people save money.  Queen Bee Coupons asked me to help their readers understand how to be frugal @ the Goodwill by writing a guest article for their website.  The article I wrote is the “Top 5 Tips for shopping @ the Goodwill” and you can read it on their web site at: www.queenbeecoupons.com

As a follow-up to this article I put together a video on the “Top 5 Tips for ShopGoodwill.com” since you can buy @ a Goodwill store -OR- online!

I hope you enjoy the video and head over to Queen Bee Coupons for more ways to save on items besides shopping @ the Goodwill!

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Saved in Portlandia

Yep, that’s right Thrift-Public… I’ve SAVED over $1,000 by shopping @ the Goodwill so far this year!  And that’s no small potatoes!

What would YOU do with an extra $1,000?


Speaking of saving… we have been taking a little bit of a shopping break this week in preparation for our BDay Portlandia trip this week.  So stay tuned for the low-down-of-deals from our neighbor to the south… 

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Clean out those DRAWERS!

This year the Goodwill started a DONATE campaign to encourage people to go through their closets, garages, storage spaces and homes and donate all they are not using/don’t need.  Now the Goodwill has partnered up with Hanes to encourage people to “clean out your drawers” to help the environment and your local community with job training through the Goodwill.  http://donate.goodwill.org/hanes/

Not only is Hanes helping encourage Americans to donate but they are taking it one step further and have announced a photography contest!  You can find out more about the contest by going to http://apps.facebook.com/hanes-coyd/donations/add

We went to our local Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue) and brought in some really great items to donate such as this brand-new with tags Carter’s baby outfit, or a BCBG skirt and new parent books.

We’ve cleaned out our DRAWERS for Hanes and Goodwill… have you?

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Meet the MAN!

This week I had the AWESOME ADVENTURE of interviewing Gary, the manager of the Bellevue Goodwill.

Now for anybody that’s seen any media footage concerning the Seattle Goodwill in the last 5 years it has been Gary that you’ve probably seen.  Evening Magazine doing a Halloween episode, Gary!  Local TV news coverage for the annual Seattle Goodwill‘s Glitter Gala, Gary!  If you have even been visiting the various stores for more than two years you’ve more than likely seen… yep, you guessed it, GARY!

Gary is a Seattle Goodwill ICON.  I say icon because not only is Gary super-chill, always engaging the customers, always doing what he can to spread the Goodwill message, but Gary does all of this with a warm personality, a friendly smile and of course a FABULOUS sense of style!

So, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Gary for this challenge/blog and asked him a little about his Goodwill background, his thoughts on what Goodwill means in our community and of course what men’s hot fashions you can find at a local Goodwill!  The only part of the interview I didn’t have a chance to touch on is the upcoming Bellevue Goodwill Designer event which is happening April 29th through the 30th.  You can find out more about it here: March Goodwill Calendar

Enjoy the interview and say “Hi” to Gary next time you see him!   


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It’s Happened again!

These past two weeks I have NOT being able to find some things @ the Goodwill?!  First it was the Caribbean blue scrub uniform for school, then when I was redesigning my cubical space @ work I couldn’t find any LIVE PLANTS to put in a pot I bought for my desk.  Then, this weekend we awoke to our Boston Terrier puppy making a #2 mess all over our carpet and there is no Carpet cleaner or Pet disinfectant @ the Goodwill.

I had to buy the plant @ Lowes and the Pet Cleaners @ Fred Meyer this weekend.  😦

I will save the thrift-public from all the gross details and instead show you how our puppy looked when we found out…

So there we go… THREE items that I couldn’t find @ a Goodwill so far this year.  BUT for all the other 90+ items (look for another challenge update soon!) I’ve been getting @ the Goodwill I’d say those are some great averages!

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