Last Minute Gifting Tips and Tricks

With only 4 days to go till Christmas… here are a couple of my gift ideas for those last minute shoppers out there that might want to snazzy-up their holiday gifting while helping the environment and making your purchases go further.

As a mommy that values finding ways to help our earth with every little bit I can (which Goodwill is also aligned with saving millions of tons of items from the garbage dumps every year in this country!) I like to be creative with my gift giving, including the wrapping it’s in.  So here are some of those items you can buy at your local Goodwill to use as the boxes and/or wrapping that will add something special to your gifting this holiday season while helping out our environment…

For those guys in your life… grab a car washing-mitt (like this one I picked up at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for $4.99) and put a tool in it (like this Craftsman level I picked up at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for only $19.99) add a bow (or not) and your set!

For girls on your list grab a holiday kitchen towel (like this brand new one picked up at the Bellevue Goodwill for $1.29) and wrap it up into a roll and put a bracelet or belt around it and then finish it off with a scarf! (also from the Bellevue Goodwill for $4.99)

And the finished look with a bow and a gift tag (made from repurposed wrapping paper)…

Or you can give an entire “Accessorize package” and wrap a handbag (like this beautiful brand new Tignello handbag I picked up at the Seattle Glitter Sale for only $39.99) in a scarf (also from the Seattle Goodwill for $3.99) with some bracelets (all from the Seattle Glitter Sale for various prices ranging from $9.99 to $12.99)!

And wrapped in the scarf as wrapping paper…

For those kids on your list… purchase a nice, cozy winter hat (like this GAP kids hat purchased from the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for  just $1.99) and put some presents in it (wrapped or not)…

And here are a couple of more ideas for items to use as boxes or wrapping paper instead of using more materials that cut down trees…

How about a planter for a gardener’s gift to store items in

Or a Coffee Canister (or kitchen canister of some kind) to put trinkets for that food-lover on your list

Or a storage container for that kid or parent on your list to store all those toys they often get during the holidays!

Or how about using a men’s tie as a bow on a gift (even better if it’s a “bow tie”!)

There are many different ways that you can package your Goodwill items in repurposed goodies that will not only cut down on your environmental footprint, but give your gift a little added PIZZAZ when viewed against the typical wrapped gifts under the tree.

But no matter how you wrap your gifts… I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you soon to wrap up this year of Living the Goodwill Life for 2011!



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4 responses to “Last Minute Gifting Tips and Tricks

  1. You are my hero… I just found your news story from a friend’s post on facebook. I will be following your blog. I am a Goodwill shopper but for a different reason. I sell on eBay and find my inventory at my local Goodwill as is/outlet store here in Vancouver, WA. I also cloth my family of 4 on my weekly picking trips. You inspire me. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I just happen to be a mommy that found a passion to challenge myself and in return found an entire segment of society that is so amazing with all their creativity, passion for the environment-thrifting-savingmoney-supporting nonprofits that I am quite literally humbled at it! My life has been enriched and all the more brightened by other thrifters and “Goodwillers” like you, so THANK YOU for allowing me to get to know your lives!

      Hopefully, Goodwill is watching and Living the Goodwill Life might be living on in another means after 2011… then we all will have more of a platform to communicate, inspire, create and live our passions together!

  2. Van

    I love a thrifted Christmas most of all. I did a “buy nothing new” pledge and only shopped second-hand this year, too. I didn’t miss retail at all and didn’t feel deprived. You can get all the household supplies you need second-hand.

    • That is so wonderful! I’ve met so many others that have been taking on their own challenges too. Thrifting is such an amazing topic to explore personally and societal and I thank you for sharing your experiences as well because all of this information helps newbies, the nonprofits and communities they serve! AND, brings our culture of 2nd hand even closer together with our shared stories, challenges and THRIFT-spriations!

      Happy, HAPPY Thrift-mas to you and your loved ones!

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