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Happy (Goodwill) Birthday Bubbee!

Today’s the DAY!  Our little boy turns ONE!  And since it’s been a pretty fun-filled day I thought I’d share just how much Goodwill has been involved in our special day…

This vintage T was the one I picked up last weekend @ the Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue) ….

I went retro for many of the items I’ve purchased for our little one’s Birthday, like this Fischer Price Circus Train I bought off of ShopGoodwill.com and the Fischer Price Fire Engine circa 1988 (picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn store) for $4.99 in MINT condition!

It’s amazing how fast a year (or 11 years like his brother) goes!  My boys are the LOVE of my life and the greatest gifts that I could have EVER been given!

Happy First Birthday Bubbee! 

and wishing that we both can celebrate many, many more wonderful birthdays together for years to come!


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Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift Haul

This weekend we ventured out to the Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue) to beat the Memorial Day Weekend Sale crowds and ended up scored some great-green-tag-goodies!  Two of the items in the video were green-tags (1/2 off) including this great brand-new kitchen towel (which ended up being only .99 cents!)…

I had a friend recently ask me how much each item was in our last thrift-haul so I’m going to start listing the prices individually when I can, so here is this Thrift-haul’s breakdown…

Towel .99 cents (green tag deal), Vintage little boy’s T $1.99, Brand-new little boy’s T $2.99, Glass lighting fixture $1.99, Star Wars Birthday present (green tag deal) $4.99

See the rest of the Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift-haul items in the video below and have fun @ the sales (or your holiday travels) this Memorial Day Weekend!


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Dinner Plate UPDATE

Last week I introduced the massive amounts of dinner plates I purchased for our dinner party.

From that blog posting I had a Seattle Goodwill reader, Kelli Kirk, tell me about her wedding were she purchased different plates for their reception.  Kelli forwarded on some of the beautiful images taken of her celebration by Josh Trupin of Trupin Photography (http://trupin.smugmug.com/ )and told me about their event…

“We were married in the Methow Valley, central Washington, on Labor Day weekendhttp://trupin.smugmug.com/2009 in an outdoor intimate ceremony (about 50 people).  All of our dishes were collected the year prior to the wedding, one at a time, from Goodwill.  Mostly the Dearborn store, but also I would hit other locations (Everett often).   I also bought mix & match cloth napkins, and found a huge stash of blue glass Mason jars for my flowers at the Everett Goodwill one day.  My ring was vintage (not from Goodwill) and I hand made all the boutonnieres and corsages from vintage millinery supplies, most  collected in tiny bags or salvaged from old arrangements from the Dearborn Goodwill.   We had a huge candy bar, and all the candy dishes and jars were also thrifted.”

I constantly say how lucky I am to be introduced to such talented and creative people through my Goodwill shopping, and Kelli’s a perfect example!  Thanks for sharing your special day with us all Kelli, you are truly another THRIFT-SPIRATION!


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