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Hello everybody!  This weekend is Seattle Goodwill’s RED TAG VALENTINES weekend and let me tell you there are TONS of deals to be had!  Just look at these beauties I picked up already!

Don’t forget to check back this weekend as we explore the Goodwill’s Lingerie section for your SWEETHEART!


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The Last Taboo (just in time for Valentine’s day!)

I feel like Farmer Ted in Sixteen Candles, holding panties up for everyone to see!

But while there are things in our society that are so *Hush-Hush* that to even mention them (like incest, polygamy or asking a woman her age) would bring you a social death rivaling that of Ricky in Better of Dead (yep, I’m a child of the 80’s) there is also another social TABOO just as vile… buying underwear from a Thrift store!

Yes, there was one part of this challenge that I DEFINITELY was not sure how I was going to cope with, that of the purchasing undergarments.  So the month before I started the challenge I stocked up on some undies just in case.  Well, I didn’t take weight loss into consideration and now I am finding I need some dedicates.

I’ve been avoiding this subject like the plague but it just so happened to come up in conversation with a fellow Thrift-Master AND its perfect timing for our LOVE holiday, Valentines!  Who doesn’t want to kindle that passion-fire on Valentine’s with their partner?  And what better way than to show off some new, sexy undergarments?!!  I mean come-on… Victoria’s Secret is everywhere for a reason!

But how was I going to purchase an undergarment that didn’t make me CRINGE to think of where it’s been before? And worse yet how was I going to show my face to those that now knew I was wearing THRIFT STORE UNDERWEAR???

I entered the area with caution…

Come to find out the Goodwill ONLY sells underwear that is brand-new, so their underwear section is pretty small.  In fact the underwear area was a small section (about the length of my fore-arm) on the bottom rack under bras and easy to miss but worth the look!  The Goodwill also sells items that are overstocks from larger retailers so I ended up finding a brand new-with-tags pair of black lace cuties! (above)

Stay tuned for our TABOO -lingerie- VIDEO later this week.  Yet another way to light up your Valentine’s day with hidden (although *Hush-Hush*) treasures at your Goodwill stores!

Happy Valentines WEEK Thrift-public!


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