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Today is a M E L L O W – Yellow kind of day for us.  I walked into the Lacey store yesterday after my big tour of the Tacoma Goodwill Milgard Center (watch for my post on this amazing place later) and picked up these Yellow beauties!

A brand New Carter’s Rubber-Ducky jammies!  We have LOTS of new little ones this year to share the Goodwill-finds with!

A (what looks to be brand new) Frederick and Nelson Designer collection dress with belt -AND- it was RED TAG 50% off!

More brass bracelets (ah, the donation attendants luckily haven’t got smart to these yet!) and another birthday gift for later this month.

Sometimes you just have a GREAT DAY, and yesterday was one of those!  Today looks to be turning out pretty SUNNY-YELLOW itself and we will just have to take in some of these beautiful rays as we relax from our adventures!


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Imagination @ work!

Yesterday we ventured down to the Federal Way Goodwill and picked up a second brand new toy box for $4!

The box quickly filled up with all the latest toys we purchased…

Then the game was to empty the toys out…

Then all the FUN was to play IN the toy box!


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Last weekend @ the Bellevue Goodwill store I tried to use a Goodwill gift card my mother gave me (an incentive to start my blog & year of Living the Goodwill Life) but I found out that I could NOT use it at the Seattle stores?! Apparently, there are TWO main Goodwill divisions here in Western Washington… one based in Seattle, and one based in Tacoma, and the card was from the later.

Bummer! A little set-back needless to say. So Sunday we went to the closest Tacoma-based Goodwill store to Seattle… the Federal Way Goodwill.

I have visited about 70% of all the Goodwill stores in Western Washington, Seattle or Tacoma-based & can tell the difference between them immediately. The Seattle stores are in a variety of store-fronts, not specific to size, environment, etc. whereas the Tacoma stores are usually in a smaller but newer building. Tacoma stores are set up specifically inside with a jewelry/antique/finer items area in glass cases around the registers in the front, the Seattle-based stores are not. The Tacoma tags are white in color and have their “sale colored tags” differentiated by the color of the plastic marker that is driven through the clothes with the price-tag attached. The Seattle stores actually have different colored price tags.

Anyways… I had not been to the Federal Way store in awhile, so it was a pleasant Sunday drive/trip.

The adventure did reward us with a MUCH NEEDED newer pair of baby jammies since any parent will tell you that children outgrow things like crazy and jammies are FIRST on our baby-list right now!

I also scored a brand-new 18k gold (overlaid on sterling silver) necklace for $6.00! Not only will this new find go into my growing pile of refashioned jewelry (as you can see by the finished, black, refashioned necklace besides it) but with the price of gold now I’m quite sure that I just scored MORE than $6 worth of it!

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Right before I started my adventures of “Living the Goodwill Life” I purchased these two brass, bracelet beauties from the Centralia, WA Goodwill store for 40% off $1.99!

They were PERFECT for my holiday outfits and I was SO looking forward to wearing them with a beautiful, chunky, silver bracelet my sister gave me…

then I LOST THEM  😦

But guess what happened today?  Yep! I found these two beauties hiding in another Goodwill bag of items I’ve been purchasing to re-design my cubicle space @ work (watch for that post SOON!) underneath everything.  HOORAY!!

I know, I purchased them before I started this blog… but I just FOUND them today so it’s like I got them today.  See how beautiful these two brass beauties look with my sister gift?!



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Green tag days

I HEART Goodwill GREEN TAG days!  My second day out on the “LTGWL” challenge to take a peak at the fabulous GREEN TAG $1.29 day and I ended up scoring not only a brand-new, designer pullover for my infant (not green tag but only $2.99!) but a Nordstrom brand (Halogen) light-weight, long, designer, black sweater for only $1.29!  I was about to walk out of the store with just the one item but then I spotted the sweater on a rack-end right next to a mirror where somebody obviously had been trying it on and decided not to purchase it.  Did they not realize it was only $1.29?

Anyways… it was a good day at the Bellevue store!

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