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Sunday drive in the country

This weekend I worked again on looking for a job but I also gave my family some time away from the city to enjoy a nice, leasurely drive in the country.  We dropped off my oldest at the family farm outside Olympia and then ventured north-east to the new Yelm Goodwill.  

I was invited by the Tacoma Goodwill to the store’s opening earlier in July but was unable to justify the 2 hour (one way) trip from our home at that time.  Being a new job-search candidate, you can understand the frugality of not spending all the gas costs but since we wrapped it into an already scheduled trip this time we enjoyed the Sunday drive in the country!  The backroads through winding green fields and passing through small towns like Roy were  pleasant.  But when we got to the Yelm Goodwill store it was evident immediately how much work went into the opening, and how much of that work has remained in place a month later!

From the very first display case you see the visual appeal that was crafted by the store’s opening team.  Just look at all this vintage pottery and glass beautifully staged and inviting you into the store!

Yelm being a major family community (the home of Miss Washington 2008, Janet Harding) and of some of the best rural schools around the state… you can see the family focus immediately with areas for the children to explore like this play area.

And with a toy isle like this there are PLENTY of toys for children to find and explore while parents shop!  I found this refreshing to see Goodwill embrace instead of the normal intercom announcement to “watch your children” thereby making the rest of us parents feel alienated (even if we don’t have children with us in the store at the time!) from the rest of the shoppers and making us feel lesser because we shop with our children?!  It is a difficult boundary to walk as a prior retail manager, there are definitely parents that just let children run wild in the isles breaking things and taking advantage of the customer service aspect of retail.  But there are plenty of other parents that keep our children contained, responsible for any mess or damages that our children might create… and this store’s embrace of that was encouraging for this mommy to see.

The store staff was extremely nice, offering to help us a couple of different times.  The store is stocked with plenty of summertime product like swimsuits, towels and toys.  In fact one of the first things we found was a brand-new-in-package beach ball for $.99 cents.  We then proceeded to find a number of other miscellaneous items like a new package of organic yarn for $.99 cents and a children’s book by National Geographic that looked brand new.

We then continued onto the children’s clothing area and found a pair of ORANGE TAG PJ’s for the little one 1/2 off $1.99 and I found a new Target brand PJ top for ORANGE TAG 1/2 off $1.99!

With such a welcoming child/family area we went through the toy isle and ended up scoring a couple of vintage Fisher-Price toys!  The Food Mart was only $2.99 and the rocking-horse ball (that chimes when the ball moves) was only $.99 cents!

There were plenty of other items that I would of liked to seriously consider but with the extra-job-searching-frugality I decided to hold back and head toward the register.  Wouldn’t you know it… on the way to the register I passed a Calvin Klein button up khaki dress with the elusive RED TAG which meant it was only $1.29.  I held my breath as I tried it on quickly hoping that it fit for such a great price.  Yep!  It was a PERFECT addition to the job-search wardrobe I’ve been on the look out for lately.  Reassuring me that I still have the Goodwill GOLDEN touch, that is for sure!

The baby couldn’t wait for us to get the beach ball blown up and played with it and his new Fisher-Price toy the rest of the evening.  We are heading out after the nap this afternoon to try out the new toy at the beach!

We hope that everybody goes outside and enjoys this beautiful Seattle summer we are getting!  This week is more of the job-hunting for mommy and two interesting prospects for Goodwill shopping trips/blog posts concerning a family’s front room interior makeover and a local mommy that makes the most of her nonprofit employers funds by buying their Head Start group toys at the Goodwill!

Stay tuned for more summer interviews thrift-public and today being August 1st I will start reminding all our readers that August 17th is NATIONAL THRIFTSHOP DAY and Living the Goodwill Life is working on a national collaboration to celebrate the special day.  More to follow!……



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I’ve sent off like 50 resume’s in the last 2 weeks… so I’m ready to relax a bit and let the job offers come pouring through my inbox!

But until then, I thought I’d try and start updating my job wardrobe at the Seattle Goodwill’s RED TAG sale this weekend.

I immediately scored this silver, designer bracelet (with real tiny flowers in it!) that I used to sell at a Seattle jewelry retailer for like $29.00 each and I ended up scoring this RED TAG beauty for 1/2 off $9.99!  I am still collecting bracelets for my sister’s holiday present but I think I might keep this beauty for myself!  Also, I immediately came upon a brand-new Esley black button-up work dress RED TAG 1/2 off of $5.99!

Then, as I was about to leave the collectibles area I spied this brand-new-in-box LEGO Creator watch!  PERFECT for my older son’s back-to-school present!  And I scored it RED TAG 1/2 off $5.99!

Are you seeing the common theme with this post?  Yep, ALL of my purchases this trip were RED TAG deals, AKA 1/2 off their price!  So the next area I’ve been trying to look in lately is the accessories area and guess what?  They have like 10-15 pairs of these cute, Target-brand, grey leggings for RED TAG 1/2 off $.99 in all different sizes!  If you get there this weekend you might find some still?!

Finally, I browsed the linens section… another one I’m going to start scanning through and I ended up scoring 2 RED TAG brand-new towels for 1/2 off $.99!  One was from Pier 1 Imports and the other is from Sur La Table!

This was a fantastic RED TAG sale weekend which is why I’m making ALL these RED TAG deals my BUY OF THE WEEK!

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Weekend Olympia thrift-haul

With our summer upon us, we are traveling more and more down to the Olympia area to visit with friends and family, spend time on the family farm and of course shop the Tacoma-based Goodwill stores!

This weekend my mother, sons and I hit the Olympia Goodwill and picked up some great bargains on their RED TAG sale!

This Ann Taylor navy dress was 1/2 off $5.99!  I also picked up a brand-new Target brand pair of pants for the little one for $2.00, a gift book for a friend (one of the first editions of Louise L. Hay’s “You can heal your life” a classic!, a $1.00 packet of Hanukkah tissue (thinking ahead, always thinking ahead!) and a book for my soon-to-be-sixth-grader about all the things a 6th grader should know.

When we got back yesterday I went to check on my container garden and weed the weeds and VOILA!  I had my first harvest of radishes to enjoy!  My container gardens are doing lovely and besides the radishes already coming in, the parsley and the tomato plant are thriving nicely and my basil is even finally making an appearance!

We are enjoying all this wonderful Seattle sunshine this week… how about you?

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