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The Monkey is 1!

Today we completely enjoyed the beautiful Seattle summer sunshine and attended (yet, another) 1st birthday celebration at a Lake Washington park.

So, we prepared by purchasing some gift items @ the Goodwill.

The jumper we found for $2.99 at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill  and I found the brand-new (with matching gift tag) little boy’s gift bag at the Bellevue Goodwill for $1.99.  We always re-use tissue paper when we get gifts… another great GREEN thing to do!

This outfit on our little one was all Goodwill…  the shirt is that vintage orange one we picked up @ the Belleuve Goodwill (that we had him in for his 1st birthday) and the blue/white gingham outfit is a Pottery Barn jumper that I picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill months ago.

These days are one of the reasons why Seattle and Washington state will always be in my heart as (to this date) the best place I’ve lived… because when it’s 75 degrees and sunny here it is PARADISE!
Happy Birthday our little “Monkey” friend!  We will miss you.  

Have a great life in Florida!


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Goodwill Gardening

Finally!  May is here!  And with it comes the Maypole, Sunshine and eventually May Flowers!!!

So I definitely wanted to celebrate the coming of this month and the changing of seasons with a gardening post!  Just because we Thrifters like to comb the racks of our local (indoor) thrift-store for deals does not mean that we can’t feel the sunshine on our faces as we do things outside the thrift-store!

So to start this month and season change out right I’ve put together a gardening Thriftspriation video during one of our beautiful NW days.  We enjoyed the weekend by attending the Fremont Market to purchase some of our garden sprouts (not something Goodwill sells, live plants) because if we can’t purchase second-hand we want to try and purchase local.  We found this great vendor at the market, Seattle Plant Company (thanks Emily!), and the video shows you how we used our Goodwill purchases, and these items from the Fremont Market (and two other items, gravel and potting soil, from Lowes) to get outside and grow some goodies!

Enjoy the video and get outside to enjoy the sunshine when you can!  Maybe we can encourage some of our local Goodwill stores to start putting racks outside (like a Goodwill sidewalk sale?!) so us shoppers can get some sun rays while we shop?!!

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HEAT up your Spring/Summer wardrobe with Goodwill!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some SUNSHINE!

So we headed over to South Lake Union for a fashion shoot to show what you can find @ your local Goodwill and HEAT UP your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2011!

The first tip from our friends over @ Thrift Town (which is located in CA, NM, TX and UT) is that BOLD ORANGE is a hot color.  Just look at this BRAND NEW BOLD ORANGE Michael Kors top I picked up @ the Centralia Goodwill this last week during our Portland adventures for only $3.99!  Paired here with a Lands End vest that I also scored during our Portland adventures (another must-have for your wardrobe, preppy accessories) and your ready to shine!

Here is the Thrift Town link for more looks: http://www.thrifttown.com/whats-hot-for-spring/

Another tip for your wardrobe is to get yourself a FULL-SKIRT to rock the “Mad Men” 60’s look.  Check out this skirt that I found @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill and imagine it with a button-up sweater, headband and white gloves.  Suddenly your June Cleaver all over!

The style website Glamour.com has a…

Spring 2011 Fashion Trend: Happy prints, all mixed up

The whole anything-goes look continues to be a winner.  –Chris Benz, spring 2011

For this look I paired another fabulous Bellevue Goodwill find, this BCBG print dress with a pair of (another hot trend this summer, nude-colored anything) strappy Sofft heels, a print BCBG scarf and a rockin’ straw hat.










For more Glamour.com http://www.glamour.com/fashion/2010/09/spring-2011s-most-wearable-fashion-trends#ixzz1IP45qImP

I don’t know if your itchin’ for more rays lately, but I am, so get to your local Goodwill for some fashion and….




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