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The Last Living the Goodwill Life shopping trip

This week I’ve been holding off on shopping at Goodwill for a couple of reasons…

1.) I already added up my total savings of over $13k this year

2.) I’m trying to conserve money because my temping assignment ended and I don’t have another job yet

3.) I’m starting to get SAD that this year is almost over, and all that I have learned and everybody that I have met could be ending very soon.

But because I’ve taught my boys well, my oldest wanted to make one last trip this week to a Goodwill, so we ventured over to the biggest Goodwill in America, the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill.

I stood back and let my oldest shop for deals with his newly aquired holiday money… and boy what proud mommy I was as I watched him weight the value of an item and ask for my opinion on the cost and then decide if it was really something that he wanted.  Of course we hit the toy area first, but because he is a Tween the clothing area has been a recent discovery for him.  As we were walking back I found a nice little glass container set that I never can seem to find for $2.99 so I picked it up.

Just look at this awesome brand-new winter hat (he lives in Colorado part of the year after all, so this baby will come in really handy!) that he scored for only $8.99!

And this sweater that only cost $4.99 that he described as “SWEET”…

So there you go.  My final buy of my Living the Goodwill Life challenge is a simple (but very useful) glass container and most of this trip was for my son’s joy.

I appreciate all the people that have been subscribing to this blog in the last couple of weeks and all the comments and ideas coming in from readers… it makes it bitter-sweet to me that this challenge is ending in less than 48 hours but even more inspired to keep up this outlet of communications for all thrifters in America… hopefully that will transpire in 2012 in one way or another!



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The BUY of the YEAR!

So the recent media have covered the topic a little and I’ve given hints in the last week but here is the moment of truth about the BEST purchase during my Living the Goodwill Life 2011 challenge year.  In fact… I think this purchase is possibly the BEST of all my thrift purchases in my 20 years of thrifting!

So, with all “great finds” there is usually a story.  You see them on Antique Roadshow about how somebody found the $30k vase in Grandma’s attic or you’ve heard those stories at the dinner parties about the person that found an original Picasso ashtray at a 2nd hand store in the 60’s.  But how many “fish tales” do you know personally?  I know in all my years and those of my parents… there have been some good ones, but even I received kuddos from my parents for my find this year.

So here’s my fish tale (which is real).

I had already visited the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill once earlier in the summer to start the outfit selection for my modeling in the Glitter Gala so this day I walked into the store with both of my boys ready to be in and out quickly.  We went to the back and I tried on my dresses, the coordinators made their selections and took pictures and we were done.  Well, not really… my oldest wanted to look around a bit so we headed towards the back.  That’s when i saw the book, laying on the floor, all by itself.  It definitely caught my eye immediately because of the uniqueness of the cover.  Knowing rare books myself I could tell it was hand-bound and had care given to it’s creation so I dusted off the back that was all dusty from the floor and carefully opened the pages.  They were immaculate!  The pages looked to have no finger prints, no bending or damage… amazingly kept!  Then I moved to the back pages where I knew a signature would be and there it was!

This book, that the store charged me .97 cents for, is a gem to an art or rare books lover!  Rough estimates from two dealers (an art and a rare books dealer) put this piece into the thousands, possibly $8,000!  And one spoke about possibly putting it on display at their collection next year!

I will add that my 2nd place winner this year for the BUY of the YEAR was for this $350 retail watch that I picked up at the new Lynnwood Goodwill for less than $50!  This too has a great story… one of last-minute desperation to get the one item I was asked to find, the one item that I could not seem to locate even though I looked at different Goodwill‘s for weeks… a quality men’s watch.  But low and behold, one of the lessons I learned this year was to attend new store openings when possible because they stock the stores with quality items and that is indeed the case because one week to the day that the Lynnwood Goodwill opened, I found this beauty in the jewelry case!  Boy, when it was opened this last week was the recipient suprised!  And what a beautiful addition it makes to his collection!

So as I end out this last week of my 2011 Living the Goodwill Life challenge I want to challenge YOU about the BEST purchase you’ve ever received.  Was it worth thousands?  Was it something you once owned a long time ago?  Was it even your find?  Please… leave your comments on what you found (or heard somebody found) and where!


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Turkey down… one month to go!

Well, the turkey, Black Friday, Small-business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all done and on the record books for 2011… and in one month so will the Living the Goodwill Life challenge!  I’ve been gearing up for my last month of the challenge with some end-of-year interviews, some holiday shopping trips and of course my wrap-up blog posts to complete this year of buying everything I need from a Goodwill.  I’ve also started putting together next years challenge and will keep dropping hints up until New Years when the new challenge/site officially launches!  (it’s parent/child related)

But this weekend I just relaxed and enjoyed time with my family.

My father’s birthday was last week so we picked up this great WWII DVD box set (in mint condition!) for papa at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill last week for only $9.99!

While in Centralia, I visited the Visiting Nurses Thrift Store Black Friday sale (with everything 50% off!) and boy was that store cleared out!

I also ventured into both the Centralia and Lacey Goodwill stores looking for a new pair of jeans but came up with a couple of holiday items instead…

My mother took me to a new thrift store called Reborn that was probably one of the cleanest, most well-organized thrift stores I’ve seen in a long time and what great designer items they had!

Just look at this prom/formal dress area at Reborn with many high-end pieces!

My mother knew we were having a holiday dinner party and ended up picking up a carving set for only .49 cents!  and a serving platter for $5.99

So with less than a month to go stay posted for all the end-of-challenge updates!

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Honey, what happened to my shirt?

If you’ve ever lived with me (in a relationship), you will know that I have a tendency to throw out things every once in a while.  I literally get so sick of seeing certain items that I just gather them up one day and consign, sell, give-away or donate them just to get it out of my sight!  It wouldn’t be so bad if all of this stuff was indeed mine, but yes, I am admitting to you now that I’ve tossed a couple of things that were not mine into the great fire-sale pile (like that FUGLY “avocado” shirt of an old boyfriend’s – geesh was that thing was FUGLY! – or my ex-husband’s favorite concert T-shirt that started a feud between us that we could still be fighting about today if we didn’t already go our separate ways).  And yes, there is a story about why I fire-sale off my (and other people’s) stuff which I will save for another date *hint-hint* I have a few hoarders in my family.  Enough said.

So if you read this blog you will also know that two weeks ago was one of my famous fire-sales (again too with other people’s stuff) and that I (or should I say “WE”?) donated a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill.  Great!  I encourage (and live by excellent example obviously) donating items to help out your local nonprofit thrift-store.  Well, turns out I goofed and accidentally put my bathing suit in the donation pile.  Oops!

Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem… but I found out at 7:30 the morning I went to go put on my suit because our little guy started swimming lessons at 9:45.  Oops again!

Immediately what came to mind was “CRAP!  I’m gonna have to go to Target or some other retail store because the Goodwill is NOT going to have a swimsuit during the offseason, let alone in my size!”

So for days I hesitated going into a Goodwill, first of all because as I’ve stated a couple of times lately that I’m pretty busy with my family, work and college coursework… but mostly I shunned the stores because I was so super-pissed at myself for doing such a stupid thing!  I mean come on… it’s not like they can even sell my swimsuit… basically, it was like just throwing it away which made me even more pissed at myself!

But, eventually I got off my self-bashing-session and mustered up the courage to quickly check out the Dearborn store for any remnants of a suit before I headed into what has becoming no-man’s land to me during this year-long-challenge… that of the suburban strip-mall retail stores.

Guess what?  I actually found a suit!  The ONLY one-piece suit they had, brand-new and in my size?!!  I couldn’t believe it!  And I even found a swim-top for the little guy so he would stay warmer in the water.

Again, the Goodwill has got my back with an item that I thought for sure I wouldn’t find in their stores!

So since the great swimsuit donation a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided to swear off being so hasty in my futures fire-sales.  And I’ve also decided to possibly just box things up for a while before I get rid of them all together that way if I want them back I don’t have to go buy them again.

I bet my ex-husband and boyfriend would have appreciated me learning this lesson oh say about 15 years ago!  But then again… who ever is wearing that FUGLY avocado shirt got a screaming deal and I won’t EVER have to see that thing again!  (oh please, please, please…*crossing fingers* let me hope so!)

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Red, White and BOY!

Why does it seem that every 4th of July we are planning our fireworks at the last minute?

Well, this year I swore it would be different for us so I started looking weeks ago at what was going on around the Seattle area.  I know, the BIG fireworks shows in major cities are always fun… but the one thing I always liked going to during a holiday weekend were parades.  So when our little Seattle-suburb posted signs up of a local parade, I WAS IN!

Now, to “participate” in this parade my boys and I (and maybe the dog?) need to be dressed up in RED, WHITE and BLUE!  Easy-peezy!  I’ve been shopping for holiday inspired items @ our local Goodwill‘s for weeks and rummaging through my craft bins to put together some creative outfits for us all.

This week we also met up with Jenna Isaacson and her husband Ed, the documentary filmmakers of All Thrifty States while they visited Seattle.  During our tour of the main Seattle Dearborn Goodwill store, we picked up these  RED, WHITE and BLUE items to add to our holiday costumes.  I told Jenna that the umbrella was impairative in Seattle on July 4th because if there is one thing you know about a Seattle summer is that it starts on JULY 5th, every year without doubt!  But the day before is always questionable weather-wise… hench the need for the RED and WHITE stripped umbrella!

The umbrella was $3.99, the (2) packs of multiple rolls of RED, WHITE and BLUE ribboning was $1.99 and $.99 and all the American flags were $1.99 for a set.  I even picked up an American-flag-colored Fred Segal tote for $.99 cents and a vintage Cardino game for $.99 cents for the boys and I to play!

So check out your local Goodwill stores for your 4th of July holiday weekend festivity needs.  This weekend is even the RED TAG sale @ Seattle stores!

Happy 4th of July weekend Thriftpublic!

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