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Glitter Gala Fashion show down… Sale to go!

Wednesday night was full of fabulousness at the annual Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala Fashion show! We had an amazing hairstyle and makeup application session at Salon Circa. Just check out the behind-the-scenes work…

And talk about an updo! This model was there for hours having her amazing creation put together!

Just look at this unbelievable artistry!

Then you have my beautiful hairdo by Michael Weigand at Salon Circa!

And some finished work ready for our Goodwill fashions!

We stopped by Starbucks on our way to the Sheraton…

Then I snuck away to check out all Tge goodies available at the Silent Auction… brand-new Kate Spade! Prada! Burberry! I was just floored by the options available!

Glitter Gala Girls All done up and waiting to go onstage… Some of the looks off the runway


The night was fabulous, the models & fashion show, audience, stylists, EVERYBODY was amazing!!!!

Kokii & Jake did an amazing job on their 2nd year organizing!

All in all it came down to having fun & BEING YOURSELF!


Now onto the sale!  Keep up on my twitter account (evolveexistence) and this blog for posts from the front lines (and when people actually get in line!)


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Glitter Gala is NEXT WEEK!

Can you believe it?  Only 1 week till the big Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala Fashion show fundraiser and SALE!

This last weekend (Halloween weekend) I went to my runway walk-through.  I had a babysitter planned so I could focus on my modeling responsibilities but she cancelled at the last minute so I had to bring the little guy for 3 hours?!  It was interesting to say the least.  He was a trouper and wanted to walk the catwalk all the time…

They put me in some very uncomfortable flats (which I don’t think go with my dress at all so I requested a nice pair of heels) but they are cute none-the-less…

And most of the time we were smiling…

And today I went to see my stylist (Michael @ Salon Circa) who showed me the mock-up of my make-up and hairstyle, it is going to be off the hook people!  I was so excited that I forgot to take images of my mock-up but here are a couple of ideas of what it will look like….

Guess your just going to have to stay tuned in on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning for the final images from the show!

Time to get your GLITTER GALA ON Seattle!

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