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Swimming Karma

You know, I swear I just have “GOODwill Karma” lately because practically every time I step into a Goodwill I’m finding EXACTLY what I needed!

Today we ventured out to the Seattle Dearborn store (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/seattle) in preparation for our Portland trip and one of the things I really needed to find was a bigger pair of swimming trunks for the baby (for the hotel’s pool).  As soon as I walked into the children’s area I read a sign…

Really?  Could I be that lucky?  YEP… I guess sometimes I just am!  We ended up scoring not only the IZOD swimming trunks @ 30% off but we also scored a mint-condition London Fog winter jacket (for next winter) AND a brand-new pool toy!

Again… the Goodwill doesn’t let me down!  Now… onto Portlandia!


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