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Goodwill BDAY Goodies…

Yesterday was my birthday and I was lucky to get some great gifts!  One of them was this beautiful vintage Pendleton hat from the Seattle Goodwill off the  ShopGoodwill.com site.  I couldn’t wait to wear it today so I paired it with a Seattle Dearborn Goodwill goody… this vintage Echo scarf.

I am organizing another Summer Goodwill Photo shoot soon on our friends sailboat and these two items are definitely making that shoot.  Enjoy your weekend Thrift-Public… tomorrow is another BDAY party for our little one, so I’ll post images next week.


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Which noose around your neck sir?

Okay, they are NOT nooses, scarves are an absolutely necessary accessory (boy that’s a mouthful!) for those that live above the equator during winter.  But I like punchy headlines in the morning…

So, one of the items on my list was my partner’s noose (I mean scarf) and Tuesday’s Goodwill action (yep, the one where I SCORED a DVF!) also somehow had a plethera of scarves to choose from as well.

I could have just picked them all up and brought back the ones we didn’t want, but I attempted to email a picture to my partner and ask his opinion first to save a trip back to the Goodwill for the returns. (yeah, what WAS I thinking?  I could have had an excuse to go back to the Goodwill?!  I’ll have to play that card soon since I missed this opportunity)  After a couple of suggestions from the partner’s co-workers the winner is….

The dark plaid Pendleton scarf!  (I rooted for the ultra-soft part cashmere antique Nordy’s beauty on the top right, but it was for my partner not me)

If you need some super-fab accessories for your winter wardrobe stop by the main Seattle Goodwill soon!

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