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Turkey down… one month to go!

Well, the turkey, Black Friday, Small-business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all done and on the record books for 2011… and in one month so will the Living the Goodwill Life challenge!  I’ve been gearing up for my last month of the challenge with some end-of-year interviews, some holiday shopping trips and of course my wrap-up blog posts to complete this year of buying everything I need from a Goodwill.  I’ve also started putting together next years challenge and will keep dropping hints up until New Years when the new challenge/site officially launches!  (it’s parent/child related)

But this weekend I just relaxed and enjoyed time with my family.

My father’s birthday was last week so we picked up this great WWII DVD box set (in mint condition!) for papa at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill last week for only $9.99!

While in Centralia, I visited the Visiting Nurses Thrift Store Black Friday sale (with everything 50% off!) and boy was that store cleared out!

I also ventured into both the Centralia and Lacey Goodwill stores looking for a new pair of jeans but came up with a couple of holiday items instead…

My mother took me to a new thrift store called Reborn that was probably one of the cleanest, most well-organized thrift stores I’ve seen in a long time and what great designer items they had!

Just look at this prom/formal dress area at Reborn with many high-end pieces!

My mother knew we were having a holiday dinner party and ended up picking up a carving set for only .49 cents!  and a serving platter for $5.99

So with less than a month to go stay posted for all the end-of-challenge updates!


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Adventures in Portlandia

Last weekend we had some GOODWILL STYLE adventures in Portlandia!

Our first stop was the main Portland Goodwill store, where we went 11th BDay shopping!  My son scored this awesome longboard (this week’s Buy of the Week) and a great Ferrari model as well as this brand-new Oakley sweatshirt that was retail priced @ $55 but we scored for only $13!

While there we had two local TV stations do interviews to share the Living the Goodwill Life challenge with Portlanders!

After the main store adventures we decided to tour Portlandia and headed over to the OMSI and then down to check out the Portland Goodwill Boutique store in the Pearl District and of course VOODOO Donuts!

I was just drooling over the Louis Vutton luggage set in the Goodwill Boutique window!  So if you want an EXCELLENT LV set for under $1k, then hit them up.  We walked away with a great Banana Republic jacket (originally $120, only $25!) and a secret wish that Seattle had a  Goodwill boutique all it’s own!

After some sushi dinner we ventured over to VooDoo Donuts.  Well, the lines were hella-LONG so we decided to make an early morning Saturday run to beat the crowds.  We ended up there @ 8:30am and that was a good time to go, NO lines!

This hole-in-the-wall bakery is world renown for its bizarre but brilliant baked goods and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint.  We ordered the VooDoo doll, the Bubble-gum, the Capt. my Capt. and of course their Maple/Bacon bar.  All were well worth going off my RAW diet for! 

We then decided to hit up the Vancouver, Centralia and Olympia Goodwill stores on the way back to Seattle.  We scored some more awesome deals that I will post this weekend… just in time for Spring.

All in all, the Portland trip was a great weekend adventure!  Just enough to get out-of-town, do it up differently and share Living the Goodwill Life with more people.

I will be posting more of the media links from the Portland TV and radio stations coverage so check back and if your down in the Portland area hit up some of the 43 Goodwill stores.  They have more donations than ANY Goodwill world-wide and 90 cents of every dollar goes to help FREE local job training!

An awesome title for those die-hard thriftpublic shoppers out there that also want to give back to a community!

So go VISIT Portlandia soon!


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3 Girls & a Goodwill

I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a family of thrifters & bargain shoppers but I know I’m not the only one and last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting another group of generational thrifters, Megan, her daughter Maddy and her mother Pam.  We met @ the Lacey Goodwill for a bit of shopping and some questions about their Goodwill experiences.

Like so many stay-at-home-moms/families, thrifting is a great way to get quality (or even new!) items for themselves and their loved ones for a much cheaper price than retail.  It only makes sense that you would pay $2.99 for that brand-new kids outfit from Target than even Target’s (discounted) price of $4.99!  That just makes economic sense, especially when those children your buying for grow out of (or ruin) those items within months, even weeks!  That’s $2 well saved!  A concept Megan knows well and one that her daughter Maddy is learning!

Besides the frugal families that shop @ the Goodwill I also met Pam, Megan’s mom, who is a reseller for her great little (co-owned) boutique called PB & J’s in Elma, WA.

So without further delay… let me introduce Megan, Maddy & Pam to you and see for yourself how and why the Goodwill is a part of our communities and our society…generations deep!

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President’s Day Thrift

Yesterday we spend the afternoon road-trippin to the Olympia Goodwill stores to not only tape our first of many interviews but to spend the beautiful day back in my old stoppin ground for some deals.  Well, I came down one day too early because today, Monday, is the Tacoma Goodwill stores BIG PRESIDENT’S DAY SALE were ALL donated items are 40% off!

But yesterday yielded some great finds as well!

Take a visit to your local Olympia (or Tacoma-based) Goodwill today and grab up the deals!

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