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All Hallows Eve!

Finally!  Halloween is here!

I have been preparing for Halloween for months.  I knew we had a family costume party to go to on Sunday (after our 3-hour Glitter Gala fashion show walk-through which I will post about later on this week… it’s only 1 week away!!!), so I focused our family costume around the cowboy items I picked up for our little one at that church garage sale this summer for .50 cents.  I found most of the items for our family costumes at Goodwill.  We had Dastardly Whiplash (AKA “The Villian”) all costumed out by Goodwill with a black cape and top hat, and even the moustache!

I ended up needing to get the red bandana, jeans and cowboy shirt at the Goodwill to for my little “HERO”.

For my costume I picked up a long, black skirt and victorian-esque blouse @ the Goodwill.

I had to ind REAL rope, which isn’t so easy, so I ended up buying it at the local Home Depot store.

This weekend also had me preparing for our Halloween party at work.  Since I’m temping as an Administrator in an Accounting Department, we decided to all dress up as “counts” so I re-used the villian’s black cape, added my own little BCBG black dress (that I picked up last year @ Goodwill for my baby shower party) and because there were NO vampire items left at Goodwill I had to venture out to the Seattle costume-mecca… Champion Party store for my fangs.  I tried to put the attachable fangs on this morning with SUCKED (figuratively, not litterally) so I ended up going with the Goodwill $1.29 trusty pair.  If your dressing up as Vlad, don’t buy those attachable kind… they are a waste of money!

I also picked up a little mini-shotgun for my little “HERO” @ Champion.

I also decorated our department and could not find black or orange streamers at the Goodwill so I ran down to Fred Meyer and picked up a couple packs 1/2 off $1.89.

This week while shopping for the last Halloween items I also happened upon a great sale @ the Bellevue Goodwill and picked up some cute shirts for the little guy for $1.29 and a Faconnable vest, merino wool sweater and BCBG dress for me for work.  There were so many items (like the cute Channucka cards) that I just made a pile of the tickets for you…

This picture is my “artistic” self-shot of my new outfit.

I also used those cute little “Trick or Treat” baggies I picked up @ the Goodwill to put Halloween cookies for my co-workers…

I “COUNT” wait till the office Halloween party this afternoon!  This company is so awesome to work for/in… I hope I stay here for a long time!



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The DVF finally gets used!

Yes, we FINALLY cracked that Diane Von Furstenburg luggage case last week!  and just in time for a weekend trip down to the farm on the train! 

There was not anything in the case but it does work perfectly to hold all our essentials for a trip!

The little one had a great time riding down on the train… not too busy in Business class on a Friday night, but Mommy was busy following the little one around back and forth, back and forth between the cars!

As you can see the only photo I could get of the little one on the train was blurry… because he was just moving around that fast!  But (most) of the train-goers liked his smiling face visiting them.

We enjoyed a leisurely weekend riding on quads, tractors and exploring Nana’s garden…

We even got some time in with the bunnies…

After that we went into Centralia and checked out the Centralia Goodwill and the other local nonprofit thrift-store, Visiting Nurses.  We are a big fan of Visiting Nurses, Nana goes there all the time.  But Mommy wasn’t feeling too well so all I did was watch the little one and took some pictures of their various display cases that are fun to rummage through.

and another…

I wish I could elaborate on the rest of the weekend but the reality is that I’m just finally recovered from a bad 24-hour bug that took it out of me until Monday evening.  But this week is Halloween and I have two costumes to buy for, so keep checking back to see what the family put together and all the preparations for my work-Halloween-party. 

Stay healthy out there!  Those bugs are nasty this season!

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Getting ready for Halloween @ Goodwill!

So if you’ve toured your local Goodwill lately you will probably see a TON of Halloween items out, ready for the big costume day!  I’ve had fewer shopping trips to the stores lately because of my schedule but also because I’m saving up funds for the big Seattle Glitter Gala and sale (check out their blog which shows a lot of the groovy items up for grabs this year!)… but I’ve still managed to get out and costume our family over the last month.

I still have a couple of things to find because I have two costumes to buy (one for work and one for our friends Halloween party) but I’m sure I’ll find what I need with the awesome assortment of choices in each of the stores!

So far, this last week I finished off our little guy’s costume for 1/2 price $1.99 each (and bought another swim top)…

While we were there our little one found a drum to bang on!  (only $2.99)

And I scored another cute Nordstrom-designer dress for only $5.99 with a JCrew sweater that was $5.99 also.

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Weekend warriors

We took a drive down to visit some family this weekend in Centralia, WA.  I did not have any thrifting in our plans but it happened anyway.

Being that it was a weekend AND that it was absolutely gorgeous weather… the garage sale signs were out in FULL FORCE just calling our name… so we pulled into a couple.

Immediately we found some great treasures, and ALL of them at the church garage sale were only .25 cents each!!!

The little one scored this awesome Fischer Price “popcorn” toy, a cowboy hat and horse (with real “whinny” and “galloping” sound effects) just in time for Halloween costume shopping!  And mommy found another antique glass lighting fixture which I’ve been making into those flower/candle holders as gifts…. ALL were only .25 cents each!  (that price is worth a second mention!)

I think we ended up going to like 4 or 5 garage sales and scored some beautiful antique “Made in Japan” bamboo bowls, a pair of wood/metal shoe horns, some kitchen towels and whole box full of magazines (for free, thrown in for good luck) for $2.  I was just grovin on the deals this fine summer day!

Then we attended the Centralia Classic Car show downtown.  So many beautiful cars!  I grew up in a family that buys 2nd hand, including their cars too.  Mostly we had classic chevy’s (like our “family” car which was a 56′ Nomad or my dad’s “roadster” a 55 chevy) since that is papa’s “thing”.  Boy do I have some stories of us drag-racing down Centralia’s streets before they banned cruising (Centralia used to be the BIGGEST cruising destination back in the day!) and other odd-ball adventures with my parent’s classic cars.  I too inherited the 2nd hand car bug and purchased my 1968 convertible Bug back in 1992 which I still have today.

Anyways… if your a thrifter or a classic car lover like my family is, weekends like this last weekend are part of the excitement of our lives.  Our endless search for that “one” special deal, whether it is a classic car with one original owner and only 60k miles on it… or that rare book from a famous artist that ends up being one of only 5 in existence (more on that book later).  The “warrior” in us searches on for that one, special find… but us warriors also know that most of the fun is in the adventure of the searching itself!

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