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Seeing red

So this weekend was all about starting the MASSIVE cleaning & redecorating of the home for our holiday party. And one of the items I’ve wanted for a long-time (like 15 years!) is a nice portable bar for the kitchen. The type you can roll out onto a patio or dinning room to put appatizers and drinks on for guests. Well, I originally went into the Goodwill this weekend to pick up some nude panty-hose for the Goodwill Glitter Gala on Wednesday night and to see if I could also find a pair of red heels to wear with my dress (since those red flats were KILLING my feet!).

First of all, we parked in the new parking lot… Oooh, la la!

I found the red heels…

Then, speaking of red… I found that long-awaited kitchen portable bar, in a beautiful shade of RED! And this Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel quality piece was in mint condition and on sale for only $50!

I also ended up finding some more shelves (for our home redesign) and a couple of other items we needed like more pants for the little guy!

After getting the bar home and cleaning it up I spoke to my oldest son who lives part-time in Colorado. While in Fort Collins last week he picked up a great pair of K2 boots for only $10!

Only 48 more hours till the Glitter Gala!  The countdown is on…


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Glitter Gala is NEXT WEEK!

Can you believe it?  Only 1 week till the big Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala Fashion show fundraiser and SALE!

This last weekend (Halloween weekend) I went to my runway walk-through.  I had a babysitter planned so I could focus on my modeling responsibilities but she cancelled at the last minute so I had to bring the little guy for 3 hours?!  It was interesting to say the least.  He was a trouper and wanted to walk the catwalk all the time…

They put me in some very uncomfortable flats (which I don’t think go with my dress at all so I requested a nice pair of heels) but they are cute none-the-less…

And most of the time we were smiling…

And today I went to see my stylist (Michael @ Salon Circa) who showed me the mock-up of my make-up and hairstyle, it is going to be off the hook people!  I was so excited that I forgot to take images of my mock-up but here are a couple of ideas of what it will look like….

Guess your just going to have to stay tuned in on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning for the final images from the show!

Time to get your GLITTER GALA ON Seattle!

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All Hallows Eve!

Finally!  Halloween is here!

I have been preparing for Halloween for months.  I knew we had a family costume party to go to on Sunday (after our 3-hour Glitter Gala fashion show walk-through which I will post about later on this week… it’s only 1 week away!!!), so I focused our family costume around the cowboy items I picked up for our little one at that church garage sale this summer for .50 cents.  I found most of the items for our family costumes at Goodwill.  We had Dastardly Whiplash (AKA “The Villian”) all costumed out by Goodwill with a black cape and top hat, and even the moustache!

I ended up needing to get the red bandana, jeans and cowboy shirt at the Goodwill to for my little “HERO”.

For my costume I picked up a long, black skirt and victorian-esque blouse @ the Goodwill.

I had to ind REAL rope, which isn’t so easy, so I ended up buying it at the local Home Depot store.

This weekend also had me preparing for our Halloween party at work.  Since I’m temping as an Administrator in an Accounting Department, we decided to all dress up as “counts” so I re-used the villian’s black cape, added my own little BCBG black dress (that I picked up last year @ Goodwill for my baby shower party) and because there were NO vampire items left at Goodwill I had to venture out to the Seattle costume-mecca… Champion Party store for my fangs.  I tried to put the attachable fangs on this morning with SUCKED (figuratively, not litterally) so I ended up going with the Goodwill $1.29 trusty pair.  If your dressing up as Vlad, don’t buy those attachable kind… they are a waste of money!

I also picked up a little mini-shotgun for my little “HERO” @ Champion.

I also decorated our department and could not find black or orange streamers at the Goodwill so I ran down to Fred Meyer and picked up a couple packs 1/2 off $1.89.

This week while shopping for the last Halloween items I also happened upon a great sale @ the Bellevue Goodwill and picked up some cute shirts for the little guy for $1.29 and a Faconnable vest, merino wool sweater and BCBG dress for me for work.  There were so many items (like the cute Channucka cards) that I just made a pile of the tickets for you…

This picture is my “artistic” self-shot of my new outfit.

I also used those cute little “Trick or Treat” baggies I picked up @ the Goodwill to put Halloween cookies for my co-workers…

I “COUNT” wait till the office Halloween party this afternoon!  This company is so awesome to work for/in… I hope I stay here for a long time!


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The DVF finally gets used!

Yes, we FINALLY cracked that Diane Von Furstenburg luggage case last week!  and just in time for a weekend trip down to the farm on the train! 

There was not anything in the case but it does work perfectly to hold all our essentials for a trip!

The little one had a great time riding down on the train… not too busy in Business class on a Friday night, but Mommy was busy following the little one around back and forth, back and forth between the cars!

As you can see the only photo I could get of the little one on the train was blurry… because he was just moving around that fast!  But (most) of the train-goers liked his smiling face visiting them.

We enjoyed a leisurely weekend riding on quads, tractors and exploring Nana’s garden…

We even got some time in with the bunnies…

After that we went into Centralia and checked out the Centralia Goodwill and the other local nonprofit thrift-store, Visiting Nurses.  We are a big fan of Visiting Nurses, Nana goes there all the time.  But Mommy wasn’t feeling too well so all I did was watch the little one and took some pictures of their various display cases that are fun to rummage through.

and another…

I wish I could elaborate on the rest of the weekend but the reality is that I’m just finally recovered from a bad 24-hour bug that took it out of me until Monday evening.  But this week is Halloween and I have two costumes to buy for, so keep checking back to see what the family put together and all the preparations for my work-Halloween-party. 

Stay healthy out there!  Those bugs are nasty this season!

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Getting ready for Halloween @ Goodwill!

So if you’ve toured your local Goodwill lately you will probably see a TON of Halloween items out, ready for the big costume day!  I’ve had fewer shopping trips to the stores lately because of my schedule but also because I’m saving up funds for the big Seattle Glitter Gala and sale (check out their blog which shows a lot of the groovy items up for grabs this year!)… but I’ve still managed to get out and costume our family over the last month.

I still have a couple of things to find because I have two costumes to buy (one for work and one for our friends Halloween party) but I’m sure I’ll find what I need with the awesome assortment of choices in each of the stores!

So far, this last week I finished off our little guy’s costume for 1/2 price $1.99 each (and bought another swim top)…

While we were there our little one found a drum to bang on!  (only $2.99)

And I scored another cute Nordstrom-designer dress for only $5.99 with a JCrew sweater that was $5.99 also.

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Honey, what happened to my shirt?

If you’ve ever lived with me (in a relationship), you will know that I have a tendency to throw out things every once in a while.  I literally get so sick of seeing certain items that I just gather them up one day and consign, sell, give-away or donate them just to get it out of my sight!  It wouldn’t be so bad if all of this stuff was indeed mine, but yes, I am admitting to you now that I’ve tossed a couple of things that were not mine into the great fire-sale pile (like that FUGLY “avocado” shirt of an old boyfriend’s – geesh was that thing was FUGLY! – or my ex-husband’s favorite concert T-shirt that started a feud between us that we could still be fighting about today if we didn’t already go our separate ways).  And yes, there is a story about why I fire-sale off my (and other people’s) stuff which I will save for another date *hint-hint* I have a few hoarders in my family.  Enough said.

So if you read this blog you will also know that two weeks ago was one of my famous fire-sales (again too with other people’s stuff) and that I (or should I say “WE”?) donated a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill.  Great!  I encourage (and live by excellent example obviously) donating items to help out your local nonprofit thrift-store.  Well, turns out I goofed and accidentally put my bathing suit in the donation pile.  Oops!

Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem… but I found out at 7:30 the morning I went to go put on my suit because our little guy started swimming lessons at 9:45.  Oops again!

Immediately what came to mind was “CRAP!  I’m gonna have to go to Target or some other retail store because the Goodwill is NOT going to have a swimsuit during the offseason, let alone in my size!”

So for days I hesitated going into a Goodwill, first of all because as I’ve stated a couple of times lately that I’m pretty busy with my family, work and college coursework… but mostly I shunned the stores because I was so super-pissed at myself for doing such a stupid thing!  I mean come on… it’s not like they can even sell my swimsuit… basically, it was like just throwing it away which made me even more pissed at myself!

But, eventually I got off my self-bashing-session and mustered up the courage to quickly check out the Dearborn store for any remnants of a suit before I headed into what has becoming no-man’s land to me during this year-long-challenge… that of the suburban strip-mall retail stores.

Guess what?  I actually found a suit!  The ONLY one-piece suit they had, brand-new and in my size?!!  I couldn’t believe it!  And I even found a swim-top for the little guy so he would stay warmer in the water.

Again, the Goodwill has got my back with an item that I thought for sure I wouldn’t find in their stores!

So since the great swimsuit donation a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided to swear off being so hasty in my futures fire-sales.  And I’ve also decided to possibly just box things up for a while before I get rid of them all together that way if I want them back I don’t have to go buy them again.

I bet my ex-husband and boyfriend would have appreciated me learning this lesson oh say about 15 years ago!  But then again… who ever is wearing that FUGLY avocado shirt got a screaming deal and I won’t EVER have to see that thing again!  (oh please, please, please…*crossing fingers* let me hope so!)

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The Golden Gates of the Glitter Gala

There are perks to doing a year-long-only-buying-from-the-Goodwill-challenge… and one of them is being able to take part in the annual Glitter Gala Fashion Show!

This summer I received my mailed invite to the event… and I immediately thought that I’ve attended SO MANY fundraising dinners that I didn’t just want to sit and eat but I wanted to PARTICIPATE with the audience, the staff, the volunteers!  I wanted to volunteer as a model in the fashion show!

So I’ve been working with the lovely ladies behind the scenes and pass through those elusive Golden Gates to the “goody rooms” and you wouldn’t BELIEVE what is in these rooms!  Anyways… I couldn’t take pictures of their “collection” so you will just have to attend future fashion shows to see all they have amassed over the years but I can tell you that the items being modeled at the show are going to be available for purchase at the Glitter Gala!  So get there early (because you know I’m going to be in line) for all the deals but if you want a sneak-peek at what they will be offering, attend the fashion-show fundraiser on Wednesday, November 9th at 6pm!

You can find out all about both the fundraiser dinner and the infamous shopping day here:  http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/glitter/

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Geesh, I can’t keep up!

Okay… I’ve garnered another full-time (temporary) job.  Add to it that I have a family and all of their schedules, that I have holiday projects that I’m buying and/or making things for, that I try and work out a couple of times a week, that I have this blog and one other to write for (and yet a third that I’m currently planning my 2012 year-long challenge around), that I do try and make time for family/friends to hang around with AND now I’ve added a college course to raise my level of writing.  With all this going on… I’m S L I P P I N G on posting in a timely manner, that is for sure!

So, I’m going to give you a little view of all the items I’ve picked up at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill, the Bellevue Goodwill, and the Ballard Goodwill in the last week and call it good.

I will add to this post that shopping exclusively at the Goodwill for everything you need is NOT as easy as people might think!  I mean, if you need to get something pretty particular you need to go to a couple of stores to buy it because you can’t just walk into ANY retailer that you know has it and buy.  AND, on top of that I’ve found myself getting into this “weekly Goodwill shopping habit” where I feel I NEED to buy something every week to make a post out of it (and really because I do like all the great Goodwill savings!) but it gets a bit tiring to do it every week when you have so many other things on your plate!  I will give you all a hint that my 2012 year-long challenge does NOT have to do with shopping at one store again.  In fact, I’ve already started making my “wish list” for all the things that I want to go buy at all the retailers I have not been shopping at this year (don’t worry Goodwill, you’ll always be in my shopping cart even after this year) because it does get a bit harder 9 months into a challenge like this not to walk into another retailer sometimes.

So, now you all know my frustrations on my busy life and staying on top of my challenge/blog… I won’t bore you with any more details or post-pone the Goodwill goodies any longer.

Ann Taylor brand-new dress bought @ the Ballard Goodwill for $4.99.  The awesome kid’s-combo that my partner actually found (not ME if you can believe it?!) of a brand-new Gymboree T-shirt for $1.99 and italian shoes (that normally cost $80 brand new!) that were only $3.99 at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill store.  I also picked up this amazing wood and canvas umbrella for $2.99 and we desperately needed kitchen-sink-pads that were at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for $1.99 each.

I scored another great trinket box for all my crafting goodies at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for only $3.99….

I picked up a great Halogen (Nordy’s brand) sweater for only $5.99 at the Bellevue Goodwill this week but didn’t take any pictures of it.  Don’t worry… I will have it in my Fall/Winter photo shoot (yes, ANOTHER project I’m currently planning!) which we hope to have up by Halloween.

We did also donate a bunch of stuff this week as well.  So that did feel pretty good.

Okay… I’m done with the updates for now.  Keep a look out for more posts about the big Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala that’s coming up since I’ll be modeling in the show!

Time to go back to my homework. (I hope my professor is reading this post and will give me a good grade on my report for being such an awesome multi-talented student!)

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The last of the weekend warriors

As I posted this month, I’ve been attending some garages sales this summer to not only encourage local thrifting/2nd hand shopping but to showcase the amazing deals and items that are offered in your own backyard!

This last weekend my own community had the last of the garage sales MEGA sale.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate (which happens in Seattle sometimes) and our plans of going street to street ended up being a mere leisurely walk through our neighborhood.  BUT, check out what it produced!

We found all sorts of signs calling out to us!

And boy where there a LOT of great items like this entire sale of teenage, sports equipment!!

It didn’t take long for us to find things for the little one!

Like this great carpet that we found for all our trucks and cars to cruise on!

Or this great sign that is going in a holiday basket!

Or these great highway signs to go with our new car rug ($2 for both) or this awesome like-new-condition little collapsible seat with carrying case that was only $2!

The community-wide garage sale might not been as popular as we had hoped but the Goodwill did have a truck there both afternoons to collect those garage sale items that were not sold!

It might be the end of the summer garage-sale season, but that means you can go back indoors to the Goodwill to shop!

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Gift cards and Goodwill

For months I’ve been looking for items to buy my two tween nephews for their September birthdays… but when it came to the night before and I still had not found anything off their list of goodies, I ended up buying one of the few items I did not get at the Goodwill this year… Barnes and Noble gift cards.

But, I knew we would be able to shop at the Centralia store while we were visiting, so it wasn’t going to be a entirely free Goodwill weekend.

We arrived to watch both boys soccer games and my little one did some soccer kicking of his own…

From the soccer fields at the High School we traveled into downtown Centralia and while on our way came across a street performer!

Add an ImageIn all the years I’ve lived and visited Centralia I’ve NEVER seen a street performer there… let alone a Steampunk-ish one!

The Centralia Goodwill was chalked full of Halloween goodies and great visual displays!  This display even had an interactive parrot, PERFECT for interacting with the customers!

With all the Halloween items, displays and signs around I was inspired to get some of our Halloween outfit items.  Luckily, we found a couple of things for the little guy and his daddy.  I’m not going to tell you who we are going to be yet… but I will unveil our costumes before the holiday to show you what is possible when shopping for Halloween at the Goodwill.  Maybe you will figure out who we are going to be before then?

I also found a couple of great coats for the little one and me.  You can never have to many wash-n-wear items with a toddler around AND when they are designers like J Crew, even better!

We were about to get into the car after shopping at the Centralia Goodwill and I spotted a sign down the sidewalk of the strip mall that read “Thrift Store” so we decided to stop in.

The “Growing Places” Thrift Store had just opened up a week prior and oddly enough, Growing Places nonprofit is one that I worked with at my last job!  It was great to see a new Thrift Store in the area and to know that the youth farming mission that Growing Places supports will be moved ahead with this new shop!  So if your in the area shop the Goodwill AND this new little store.  Your money and/or donations will be supporting TWO great causes in the Centralia area!

We found all sorts of great items at the Growing Places Thrift Store and ended up walking away with a whole bag full of friendship bracelet thread (I have more bracelets on my agenda for holiday gifts) for only .50 cents!!

After all the shopping it was time to go back to our nephew’s house to enjoy an afternoon with the family.  We also spent some time with Nana feeding and petting the bunny rabbits.  Ah, life on a farm is just so amazing, especially when you see your children enjoying nature like this….

In the words of Ice Cube… “Today was a good day!”

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