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It’s Glitter Sale Morning!

We are already here lining up for the Glitter Sale. First people in line (besides me) were Arthur & Brice, who were here at 10pm and ready for the jewelry! They spoke to me about the Goodwill’s policy changes and how it’s made it harder for businesses that buy from thrift stores to make a living. But they are both here looking for deals, giving the Goodwill another chance to find the best of the best!

And that’s just some of the first front-line action at the Glitter Sale 2011.


The Glitter is going BIGGER this year, so prepare early next year. Arthur & Brice will tell you the same, like my sign says “First in Line or BUST!”



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Glitter Gala Fashion show down… Sale to go!

Wednesday night was full of fabulousness at the annual Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala Fashion show! We had an amazing hairstyle and makeup application session at Salon Circa. Just check out the behind-the-scenes work…

And talk about an updo! This model was there for hours having her amazing creation put together!

Just look at this unbelievable artistry!

Then you have my beautiful hairdo by Michael Weigand at Salon Circa!

And some finished work ready for our Goodwill fashions!

We stopped by Starbucks on our way to the Sheraton…

Then I snuck away to check out all Tge goodies available at the Silent Auction… brand-new Kate Spade! Prada! Burberry! I was just floored by the options available!

Glitter Gala Girls All done up and waiting to go onstage… Some of the looks off the runway


The night was fabulous, the models & fashion show, audience, stylists, EVERYBODY was amazing!!!!

Kokii & Jake did an amazing job on their 2nd year organizing!

All in all it came down to having fun & BEING YOURSELF!


Now onto the sale!  Keep up on my twitter account (evolveexistence) and this blog for posts from the front lines (and when people actually get in line!)

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Glitter Gala 2011!

I am SO EXCITED to be participating in the Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala fashion show this year!  I’ve been practicing in my new red heels purchased this weekend and dreaming about my outrageous hair and makeup.

To get you into the Glitter Gala mood…

I was contacted by the Art Institute of Seattle last week about the designer-student outfits that will be showcased at the show as well.  Being a past children’s clothing designer that used mostly upcycled materials, I LOVE that the Goodwill is collaborating with the Art Institute to encourage re-design and showcasing the works at the Glitter Gala!  These pieces were put together from found items at the Seattle-area Goodwill stores and as you can see our local fashion-designers have talent!  I can’t wait to see them on the runway tonight.

The honorable mentions first…

Susy Gregoire’s gold and red piece… beautiful!

Pierre Davis brings some “ice” to the contest

Penny McMillan’s piece is so amazing!  I wish this one was in my size!!!

This piece was costume-amazing!

The Second Place winner is….

Daniel Bordner did a beautiful job on this piece!

And the winner is….

Alyson Mendez!  Who did an absolutely FABULOUS job with “the time she spent tearing strips of multi-colored fabrics to create this layered and textured strapless garment… she really invented her own fabric in the process.  The whole thing is astonishing!” – GlamSpoon (Glitter Gala Art Institute Judge 2011)

They said we might have some down time as models… so I’ll try and keep you all updated from hair and makeup (at Salon Circa) to the backstage action taking place via my Twitter account (my twitter is: evolveexistence).

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Seeing red

So this weekend was all about starting the MASSIVE cleaning & redecorating of the home for our holiday party. And one of the items I’ve wanted for a long-time (like 15 years!) is a nice portable bar for the kitchen. The type you can roll out onto a patio or dinning room to put appatizers and drinks on for guests. Well, I originally went into the Goodwill this weekend to pick up some nude panty-hose for the Goodwill Glitter Gala on Wednesday night and to see if I could also find a pair of red heels to wear with my dress (since those red flats were KILLING my feet!).

First of all, we parked in the new parking lot… Oooh, la la!

I found the red heels…

Then, speaking of red… I found that long-awaited kitchen portable bar, in a beautiful shade of RED! And this Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel quality piece was in mint condition and on sale for only $50!

I also ended up finding some more shelves (for our home redesign) and a couple of other items we needed like more pants for the little guy!

After getting the bar home and cleaning it up I spoke to my oldest son who lives part-time in Colorado. While in Fort Collins last week he picked up a great pair of K2 boots for only $10!

Only 48 more hours till the Glitter Gala!  The countdown is on…

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