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The last of the weekend warriors

As I posted this month, I’ve been attending some garages sales this summer to not only encourage local thrifting/2nd hand shopping but to showcase the amazing deals and items that are offered in your own backyard!

This last weekend my own community had the last of the garage sales MEGA sale.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate (which happens in Seattle sometimes) and our plans of going street to street ended up being a mere leisurely walk through our neighborhood.  BUT, check out what it produced!

We found all sorts of signs calling out to us!

And boy where there a LOT of great items like this entire sale of teenage, sports equipment!!

It didn’t take long for us to find things for the little one!

Like this great carpet that we found for all our trucks and cars to cruise on!

Or this great sign that is going in a holiday basket!

Or these great highway signs to go with our new car rug ($2 for both) or this awesome like-new-condition little collapsible seat with carrying case that was only $2!

The community-wide garage sale might not been as popular as we had hoped but the Goodwill did have a truck there both afternoons to collect those garage sale items that were not sold!

It might be the end of the summer garage-sale season, but that means you can go back indoors to the Goodwill to shop!


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Weekend warriors

We took a drive down to visit some family this weekend in Centralia, WA.  I did not have any thrifting in our plans but it happened anyway.

Being that it was a weekend AND that it was absolutely gorgeous weather… the garage sale signs were out in FULL FORCE just calling our name… so we pulled into a couple.

Immediately we found some great treasures, and ALL of them at the church garage sale were only .25 cents each!!!

The little one scored this awesome Fischer Price “popcorn” toy, a cowboy hat and horse (with real “whinny” and “galloping” sound effects) just in time for Halloween costume shopping!  And mommy found another antique glass lighting fixture which I’ve been making into those flower/candle holders as gifts…. ALL were only .25 cents each!  (that price is worth a second mention!)

I think we ended up going to like 4 or 5 garage sales and scored some beautiful antique “Made in Japan” bamboo bowls, a pair of wood/metal shoe horns, some kitchen towels and whole box full of magazines (for free, thrown in for good luck) for $2.  I was just grovin on the deals this fine summer day!

Then we attended the Centralia Classic Car show downtown.  So many beautiful cars!  I grew up in a family that buys 2nd hand, including their cars too.  Mostly we had classic chevy’s (like our “family” car which was a 56′ Nomad or my dad’s “roadster” a 55 chevy) since that is papa’s “thing”.  Boy do I have some stories of us drag-racing down Centralia’s streets before they banned cruising (Centralia used to be the BIGGEST cruising destination back in the day!) and other odd-ball adventures with my parent’s classic cars.  I too inherited the 2nd hand car bug and purchased my 1968 convertible Bug back in 1992 which I still have today.

Anyways… if your a thrifter or a classic car lover like my family is, weekends like this last weekend are part of the excitement of our lives.  Our endless search for that “one” special deal, whether it is a classic car with one original owner and only 60k miles on it… or that rare book from a famous artist that ends up being one of only 5 in existence (more on that book later).  The “warrior” in us searches on for that one, special find… but us warriors also know that most of the fun is in the adventure of the searching itself!

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Community Garage Sale

Last year I happened upon a quaint little town in southern Puget Sound called Steilacoom, and it just happened to be on the one day of the year that their entire town hosts a community-wide garage sale.

So this year, even though I have been buying everything from the Goodwill for my challenge, I decided to attend this event again and blog about it so that all the other 2nd hand/thrift lovers can discover more of these NW hidden treasures!

We arrived about 8:30am and the people were already starting to shop… so we parked and went straight to the downtown tennis courts where you can get a map of all the garage sales and see just how big this sale actually is!

I mean just look at all those homes having sales!  There was NO WAY I was going to be able to hit all these places in one day, so we started with the 30+ vendors in the commons area and worked our way out from there.

The morning was GORGEOUS… the items were plentiful but my little one was already getting antsy, so we strolled through quickly and didn’t find anything we needed but I did find an item that a friend possibly needed… these beautiful, antique canning jars

Unfortunately the jars were not the right ones so we headed down the street to the private garage sales.  A couple of blocks from town you can see why I ADORE this Puget Sound community…with views like this of the Anderson Island ferry docks (and besides having an amazing community-wide garage sale) this town is like heaven!

Down by the ferry waiting line we discovered a garage sale of mostly children’s items so we had a look.  Immediately I found a pair of Georgia Boots for only $2 and this was a HAVE-TO-GET moment!  I search the Goodwill racks all the time for good kids boots and never come across boots like these for only $2… my little one was quick to snatch them up and played with them for 15 minutes while mommy looked at other sales, another reason enough to pay $2 the entertainment factor alone!

We were walking back up the street, trying to hit as many houses as possible when we came upon a driveway were people were just grabbing stuff and a man was telling people that the owners said everything was FREE?  There was a bit of confusion at first since no signs or people pointed to this fact, so another women rang the doorbell and asked.  Yep, ALL the items were FREE said the man at the door.  Luckily, we happened to be standing besides a bunch of children’s items for the beach/boat so I started to grab up what we could (the first man had actually filled his trunk with all the items he snagging while the rest of us asked the owners, geesh… he could have had his own garage sale with the stuff he swiped up!) and so we did end up getting some great items that we used that afternoon down at the Steilacoom waterfront beach park!

I waited all year to go to this sale, and I would definitely recommend attending this event next summer but get there EARLY with plenty of $1 bills in hand, a wagon (the #1 accessory of the seasoned garage sale shoppers) and the map.  It’s really a treasure hunt in my opinion, with the first ones to the site gathering up all the booty (and sometimes FREE stuff!)

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