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May the Birthday be with you!

Once upon a time, in a neighborhood close, close to you… there is a Goodwill just waiting for you to discover it and all the Star Wars treasures it has!

This little birthday boy was sure curious as to what was in his Star Wars present!

Just see all the wonderful THEMED items you can get for your birthday needs @ a Goodwill store and may the birthday be with you!


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Birthday Wishes & Campfire Dreams

This weekend was a Birthday weekend for sure!  Not only did I celebrate my birthday (and graduation) on Friday but our little one’s final (he’s had three) 1st birthday celebration went off without a hitch (except for a couple of raindrops) at my parent’s farm, Tired Iron Acres.

Prior to our trip to the farm, I stopped by the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill to pick up a couple of final Birthday goody-bag items and to check out their once a year BIKE SALE.  It was after 4pm and we only had an hour till departure time, so I went to the stationary area first to pick up goody-bag-g00dies.  I immediately found a pack of brand-new window stickers (gel) with an aquarium motif for 1/2 off .99 cents… then I spotted a brand-new Korean fish wind sock in a mini-variety for 1/2 off .99 cents.  I then sought a couple of items for the older (9 and 11) cousins and found two brand-new packs of Marvel Comics Character (Silly) bands in different colors and with different shapes like the Silver Surfer and the Hulk for $1.99 each.  I paired them up with the birthday goody-bags I picked up earlier in the spring @ a Goodwill and SCORE!… we immediately finished our shopping list so I headed over to the bike sale area.

Unfortunately I was unable to shop the bike sale because we had a cart-in-tow with my little one inside… so all I could do was shop with my eyes, but there seemed to be plenty of great bikes still up for grabs and many of them were finding their way to the check-out line when we left.  I wish I was able to shop the sale, but maybe next year they will open it up to a larger room where shopping carts can go?!

I did end up scoring one more blue-tag-special of a beautiful Columbia jean jacket for 1/2 off $7.99!  You can see the jacket below in some of the images taken of the party by our great friend Ashwin Rao.

Thanks to everybody who celebrated our little one’s 1st birthday with us!  (and especially to my parents -pictured above- who instilled being a “thrifty” person in life.  Those little knick-knacks above -just some of my mother’s country charm- probably came from a thrift-store/garage-sale at some point!)

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Goodwill BDAY Goodies…

Yesterday was my birthday and I was lucky to get some great gifts!  One of them was this beautiful vintage Pendleton hat from the Seattle Goodwill off the  ShopGoodwill.com site.  I couldn’t wait to wear it today so I paired it with a Seattle Dearborn Goodwill goody… this vintage Echo scarf.

I am organizing another Summer Goodwill Photo shoot soon on our friends sailboat and these two items are definitely making that shoot.  Enjoy your weekend Thrift-Public… tomorrow is another BDAY party for our little one, so I’ll post images next week.

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The Monkey is 1!

Today we completely enjoyed the beautiful Seattle summer sunshine and attended (yet, another) 1st birthday celebration at a Lake Washington park.

So, we prepared by purchasing some gift items @ the Goodwill.

The jumper we found for $2.99 at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill  and I found the brand-new (with matching gift tag) little boy’s gift bag at the Bellevue Goodwill for $1.99.  We always re-use tissue paper when we get gifts… another great GREEN thing to do!

This outfit on our little one was all Goodwill…  the shirt is that vintage orange one we picked up @ the Belleuve Goodwill (that we had him in for his 1st birthday) and the blue/white gingham outfit is a Pottery Barn jumper that I picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill months ago.

These days are one of the reasons why Seattle and Washington state will always be in my heart as (to this date) the best place I’ve lived… because when it’s 75 degrees and sunny here it is PARADISE!
Happy Birthday our little “Monkey” friend!  We will miss you.  

Have a great life in Florida!

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Portland Buy of the Week

Thanks Portlandia for all your Goodwill LUV this weekend!  The trip harvested some great deals, some media coverage and some new Goodwill friends!

The birthday boy scored this SWEET longboard @ the main Portland store and the skating-flammage made it our BUY OF THE WEEK.

Check back for more updates on the weekend’s Portland adventures!

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Those Crafty MARCHers!

If February is for Lovers then March must be for Crafters? And if you answered Yes, then you would be right!

Now if there is a pretty direct correlation between thrift stores & something… it is being crafty!  I can’t even estimate how many DIYers are out there rummaging their local thrift stores searching for those “must have” trinkets that help them form their wares. Even I myself started drafting my Children’s clothing line from thrift store finds.

So in honor of all things crafty this month I’m going to be posting on different aspects of DIY-Thrifting.  Posts will include how I re-design/think about items to use for something else, other DIY Thrift-Crafters and their wares, maybe even some research into what’s happening and hot in the DIY-Thrifter circles.

The first post is about how to make an item serve a different purpose by doing nothing to the original!  Just re-thinking about how it can be used differently.  I did just that this week with a very special friends Birthday present.  This friend is a professional photographer, manages a specialty photography department and needed some frames for their work desk of loved ones.

I spend an hour rummaging the Seattle Dearborn store for unique frames, looking at a variety of new and used choices.  I went down every bin and had a couple picked out until I seen a vintage photography item…. a 4X5 film holder.

At one glance I realized that what normally held the film that became the picture could indeed hold the ACTUAL picture!  Then, I seen that the bin was holding 6 of the holders, SCORE!  Not only could I supply our friend with a couple of frames for their desk but then they could have a couple more for their home!

The gift went over fabulously, our friend LOVED the items and they commented several times that they would of never thought of using the film holders as an actual frame for the pictures!

This is just one of many examples of taking an item and utilizing it in a completely different way.  What items have you converted with no work?  What items have you seen remade?  Please share your THRIFT-spiration with us!

Happy CRAFTING this MARCH Thrift-Public!


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It’s Leap Year! (almost)

Today is February 28th but because it’s not a leap-year, it also happens to be my sister’s birthday! (because she is a leap-year baby so next year she’ll be like… Oops, your not supposed to say a woman’s age)

For weeks I’ve been trying to find little glittery bracelets for her.  Bracelets because I gave her one last summer that she loves and has had so many compliments on that she wants to give other bracelets as little gifts.  So my sister’s Birthday present is for her to eventually gift to others.  That’s just how we fly in our family… always giving!

I’m going to keep looking for more bracelets since I can usually pick them up for under $5 each, but so far these beauties are the ones I’ve amassed to give her.  As you can see I seperated them out by colors and tied cute little matching-color bows around them.

I hope she likes them!  And I hope she feels better! (she was sick this week with a fever… not cool on your BDay!)


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We don’t need no candles let the Birthday cake BURN!

WOAH!  Get the fire-extinguisher!!!

With the amount of birthday candles being blown out in the next 45 days we could take out an entire city block!

Two birthday’s in February and three in March!  So searching for those birthday items & trying and get them (or something close?!) from the Goodwill has been on my mind.

IDEAS? for…

Anything with Vintage Volkswagen on it

11th Boy’s Birthday (more than likely a gift card here since he’s old enough to pick out things for himself!)

Those “glittery” bracelets for my sister like these ones (that I scored @ the 2010 Glitter Sale)



A whole lotta’ stuff for my partner but since this get’s forwarded to somebody *wink-wink* I can’t post those needed items up here!

I’ve been traveling the ShopGoodwill.com http://www.shopgoodwill.com site for the past couple of weeks and have some auctions up this weekend that I’m hoping to score on!

Speaking of weekends… this weekend is 50% off GREEN TAGS @ the Seattle Goodwill’s and GREEN, RED and YELLOW sales @ the Tacoma based stores http://tacomagoodwill.org/files/Jan_calendar11web.pdf.



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