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Pre Thanksgiving

We are having a holiday party in December and the list of “To Do” items is pretty long but we have been chipping away at it.  So this weekend, before the big BLACK FRIDAY shopping craziness, I decided to try and find some more items on that list… mainly shelves.  See our little 17 month old is into EVERYTHING, which means more shelves to get those breakable items up and out of the way is absolutely necessary now, especially having a holiday party that could include 3 more little ones with curious hands.

We ventured over to the Bellevue store on Saturday afternoon first, but didn’t find anything.  Then onto the Renton store hoping our luck would be better but no again… then onto the Seattle Dearborn store and wouldn’t you know it, success!  I found a great Pottery Barn shelf for 1/2 off $25.00!

Then I found a couple of other white shelves to go in the playroom for only $4.99 each!

Then I found this great little jewelry hook holder for only $1.99 to hold all my new Glitter Sale items!

Then I found a whole bunch of great Baby Gap long-sleeve tops for our little one (and a cute “E” block for his room!) for $1.99 each and a MUCH NEEDED hat/glove set with the winter-cold-weather finally hitting the Seattle area!

This last week a co-worker emailed and asked for people to bring socks in for the homeless in our area.  I thought it was such a great idea that I picked up a couple of pair and plan to go out with her this next week to start delivering them to our company’s neighbors in Pioneer Square.

This is a short work week then we are down to the farm for the holidays…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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All Hallows Eve!

Finally!  Halloween is here!

I have been preparing for Halloween for months.  I knew we had a family costume party to go to on Sunday (after our 3-hour Glitter Gala fashion show walk-through which I will post about later on this week… it’s only 1 week away!!!), so I focused our family costume around the cowboy items I picked up for our little one at that church garage sale this summer for .50 cents.  I found most of the items for our family costumes at Goodwill.  We had Dastardly Whiplash (AKA “The Villian”) all costumed out by Goodwill with a black cape and top hat, and even the moustache!

I ended up needing to get the red bandana, jeans and cowboy shirt at the Goodwill to for my little “HERO”.

For my costume I picked up a long, black skirt and victorian-esque blouse @ the Goodwill.

I had to ind REAL rope, which isn’t so easy, so I ended up buying it at the local Home Depot store.

This weekend also had me preparing for our Halloween party at work.  Since I’m temping as an Administrator in an Accounting Department, we decided to all dress up as “counts” so I re-used the villian’s black cape, added my own little BCBG black dress (that I picked up last year @ Goodwill for my baby shower party) and because there were NO vampire items left at Goodwill I had to venture out to the Seattle costume-mecca… Champion Party store for my fangs.  I tried to put the attachable fangs on this morning with SUCKED (figuratively, not litterally) so I ended up going with the Goodwill $1.29 trusty pair.  If your dressing up as Vlad, don’t buy those attachable kind… they are a waste of money!

I also picked up a little mini-shotgun for my little “HERO” @ Champion.

I also decorated our department and could not find black or orange streamers at the Goodwill so I ran down to Fred Meyer and picked up a couple packs 1/2 off $1.89.

This week while shopping for the last Halloween items I also happened upon a great sale @ the Bellevue Goodwill and picked up some cute shirts for the little guy for $1.29 and a Faconnable vest, merino wool sweater and BCBG dress for me for work.  There were so many items (like the cute Channucka cards) that I just made a pile of the tickets for you…

This picture is my “artistic” self-shot of my new outfit.

I also used those cute little “Trick or Treat” baggies I picked up @ the Goodwill to put Halloween cookies for my co-workers…

I “COUNT” wait till the office Halloween party this afternoon!  This company is so awesome to work for/in… I hope I stay here for a long time!


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Geesh, I can’t keep up!

Okay… I’ve garnered another full-time (temporary) job.  Add to it that I have a family and all of their schedules, that I have holiday projects that I’m buying and/or making things for, that I try and work out a couple of times a week, that I have this blog and one other to write for (and yet a third that I’m currently planning my 2012 year-long challenge around), that I do try and make time for family/friends to hang around with AND now I’ve added a college course to raise my level of writing.  With all this going on… I’m S L I P P I N G on posting in a timely manner, that is for sure!

So, I’m going to give you a little view of all the items I’ve picked up at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill, the Bellevue Goodwill, and the Ballard Goodwill in the last week and call it good.

I will add to this post that shopping exclusively at the Goodwill for everything you need is NOT as easy as people might think!  I mean, if you need to get something pretty particular you need to go to a couple of stores to buy it because you can’t just walk into ANY retailer that you know has it and buy.  AND, on top of that I’ve found myself getting into this “weekly Goodwill shopping habit” where I feel I NEED to buy something every week to make a post out of it (and really because I do like all the great Goodwill savings!) but it gets a bit tiring to do it every week when you have so many other things on your plate!  I will give you all a hint that my 2012 year-long challenge does NOT have to do with shopping at one store again.  In fact, I’ve already started making my “wish list” for all the things that I want to go buy at all the retailers I have not been shopping at this year (don’t worry Goodwill, you’ll always be in my shopping cart even after this year) because it does get a bit harder 9 months into a challenge like this not to walk into another retailer sometimes.

So, now you all know my frustrations on my busy life and staying on top of my challenge/blog… I won’t bore you with any more details or post-pone the Goodwill goodies any longer.

Ann Taylor brand-new dress bought @ the Ballard Goodwill for $4.99.  The awesome kid’s-combo that my partner actually found (not ME if you can believe it?!) of a brand-new Gymboree T-shirt for $1.99 and italian shoes (that normally cost $80 brand new!) that were only $3.99 at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill store.  I also picked up this amazing wood and canvas umbrella for $2.99 and we desperately needed kitchen-sink-pads that were at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for $1.99 each.

I scored another great trinket box for all my crafting goodies at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for only $3.99….

I picked up a great Halogen (Nordy’s brand) sweater for only $5.99 at the Bellevue Goodwill this week but didn’t take any pictures of it.  Don’t worry… I will have it in my Fall/Winter photo shoot (yes, ANOTHER project I’m currently planning!) which we hope to have up by Halloween.

We did also donate a bunch of stuff this week as well.  So that did feel pretty good.

Okay… I’m done with the updates for now.  Keep a look out for more posts about the big Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala that’s coming up since I’ll be modeling in the show!

Time to go back to my homework. (I hope my professor is reading this post and will give me a good grade on my report for being such an awesome multi-talented student!)

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Labor Day Sales

This weekend was Labor Day, so we went to check out the Goodwill’s holiday weekend sales to find some of the items on our back-to-school list.

First we headed over to the Seattle Goodwill Dearborn store on Friday evening…

Just look at this LIST!!!  The first thing we found was this big, insulated lunch bag.  Big enough for goodies, milk and everything else!

We also found some other needed things such as these Safety 1st baby-proofing latches for the fridge and drawers since we had been putting all our kitchen items on counters for months to get them out of our little one’s reach.  They were installed this weekend and what a luxury it is to not have towels and utensils all over the floor!  We also picked up this great car-washing-cloth as the first of a holiday basket we are making for Nana and Papa.  Remember… they have all those classic cars that need to be washed all the time!  We also found a couple of items for the little one like this great sippy-cup that is usually sold at Williams Sonoma for $12.00 each picked up for .99 cents!  And a Manhattan Toy that is currently being sold in Nordstrom stores for $14.99 that we picked up 1/2 off .99 cents!

Then on Monday, mommy took a couple of hours for herself and went to the Bellevue Goodwill store…

The store was crazy packed!  But I managed to find a couple of goodies in the big sale (.99 cent BLUE TAGS, and 40% off PINK and GREEN TAGS)

As  you can tell I’m a label shopper and the Bellevue Goodwill store always satisfies!  I ended up scoring a Faconnable top for 40% off $9.99… picked up a great Eddie Bauer skirt and designer jacket for .99 cents each and a pair of Gap pants for the little one for 40% off $1.99!


We found another item off our back-t0-school list!  These great brand-new Target rain boots that were only $5.99!

Hopefully you all had a great Labor Day weekend and are ready for back-to (school or work)!

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Back to school shopping

So my oldest is about to venture into the dreaded… MIDDLE SCHOOL in a couple of weeks.  You know, the place where tweens start to assert their social dominance… where the innocence of elementary school (and childhood) are quickly left behind for the latest TV show, iTouch game, hairstyle and Tshirt?!  A place where saying or wearing the wrong thing at any given moment can reek total havoc on the rest of your school existence?!!

Well, maybe it’s not that bad?…. yeah, right!

My son has been brought up with a very thrifty family who has taught him not to been afraid to shop at thrift stores (or still play with Legos) up until this point and I’m not going to stop now (at least until he cries “Uncle” for fear of total social banishment) so we head over to the main Seattle Dearborn and Bellevue store to check out their Back-to-school sales.

Immediately we were met with a Back to School display…

From there we toured the men’s section and rounded up quite a few trinkets for the school wardrobe… board shorts for $2.99, khaki’s for $4.99 each, some PJ pants for $2.99

I even found a couple of shirts for the little one while we were at it… both $1.99

My oldest found a vintage 1980’s leather jacket that he just LOVED… and it was 1/2 off $19.99!

It took a little TLC because it smelled like smoke, so we put it in the dryer on air-dry for a couple of hours which did the trick!

I even ended up finding some brand-new Sofft sandals for only $12.99 in our shopping!

Remember… lots of stores have Back to School specials out there but you cannot find the deals on the designer labels like you can at a Goodwill store, so visit one today!


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Holidays and Radio stations

I know I haven’t been posting as much lately but this mommy is on a JOB HUNT!  My current work contract ends on August 28th and I’ve been busy turning up the heat on finding a replacement job!  So far, a couple of prospects have come in but I’m still crossing my fingers that Goodwill International is watching and wants to take Living the Goodwill Life LIVE!  -Or- Goodwill has an opening in their corporate offices for this nonprofit professional.  It’s a difficult market out there, that’s for sure… but maybe it’s time to ask the Thrift Public to help out and send in a good word for me?!  I don’t think it could hurt in this economy and well, everybody knows I HEART the Goodwill (and thrifting) by now!!!

But, this week we did get out to the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill to check out their Xmas in July sale…

 The store has the entire back room full of holiday merchandise to purchase from… and quite a selection!  You can find everything from coffee mugs to wreaths, to costumes, table runners, statues and collectibles!

And it isn’t just for Xmas… there are Hannukah and other holiday items thrown in there too.

After checking out the back room  we ran into Gary Foy, the Bellevue Goodwill Manager (see the interview we did with Gary back in the Spring here…)  Gary traveled over the water to the Seattle store to help put together a KUBE 93 fashion blog shoot.  As always, Gary had some excellent Goodwill outfits put together and we even bickered over a silk Banana Republic dress that I wanted to try on!  Anyways, you can check out the blog post over here but here are the girls from the station in action watching the models try on the outfits.

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Boy, oh boy, oh blog!

I’ve shared some of my treasure hunting with my older son on this blog before but I haven’t shared how much he is into the Living the Goodwill Life challenge, or Goodwill in general.  In fact just today I mentioned to him that I was thinking of another challenge for next year and he said to keep doing this challenge because (in his own words) “its just awesome mom!”

My older son (who is 11 1/2 years old) has been thrifting with my mother, sister and I since he was a wee-babe.  He learned over the years that if he was good while in the thrift-store that we would buy him a toy.  Besides that, it didn’t take him very long to realize that shopping at a thrift-store helped his allowance go a LOT further!

So (per my older son’s request… I swear I have the BEST BOYS!!!) we hit the Bellevue Goodwill and he ended up scoring a bag of 4 monster trucks for .99 cents at their toy sale!  He also picked up a present for his summer tutor for .99 cents and was so proud to show them off…

I was recently interviewed by the blog “A Good Look by Goodwill” (the NY/NJ Goodwill blog) and I said that “Whaetver my children end up doing or becoming in their lives… if the one thing they know is that they can take their mom out to a thrift-store for an afternoon of shopping with them and that bonding time will be one of the most special times I could ever ask for in life, then I’ve done a good job raising them!”  I think that says it all, I love my boys and I’ve taught them to (thrift) well!

For more about the interview check out A Good Look by Goodwill, they have fabulous thrifters from all over the country chiming in on the ultra-fabulous donations they get, and DIY-ing projects, and… and…. AND!  It’s definitely worth the bookmark for all the wonderful information and thriftspiration!

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Goodwill Gifts for a Green-thumb Grandma

It’s a bit past mother’s day (in fact about a month later) but we haven’t seen our Grandma (or Nana) since before then so we haven’t been able to give her the Mother’s Day gift until now.

So one of these items (the plant/flower fabric “basket”) was an item I picked up at my FIRST Goodwill run in January, right after I started this challenge.  I picked it up at the Port Townsend Goodwill and I can’t remember how much it cost but I knew it was going to be for my mom, the green-thumb in our family, as a gift.  So I’ve been purchasing things to go in it for months… the grandmother frame I posted back on May 6th in the “Mom’s the Word” post and I picked it up for only .99 cents!  The fridge-magnet photo of the baby I picked up was part of an entire set of them I purchased @ the Olympia Goodwill
for only $4.99!  The brand-new gardening gloves I picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill for $1.29 and the cute, Hallmark (brand new w/ packaging!) caterpillar card I picked up again @ the Olympia Goodwill for only .99 cents!

The gift turned out really cute and perfect for our green-thumbed Nana!  Now only if I could get my little container garden to yield goodies like her garden gives her!  Practice, practice, PRACTICE!


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The Monkey is 1!

Today we completely enjoyed the beautiful Seattle summer sunshine and attended (yet, another) 1st birthday celebration at a Lake Washington park.

So, we prepared by purchasing some gift items @ the Goodwill.

The jumper we found for $2.99 at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill  and I found the brand-new (with matching gift tag) little boy’s gift bag at the Bellevue Goodwill for $1.99.  We always re-use tissue paper when we get gifts… another great GREEN thing to do!

This outfit on our little one was all Goodwill…  the shirt is that vintage orange one we picked up @ the Belleuve Goodwill (that we had him in for his 1st birthday) and the blue/white gingham outfit is a Pottery Barn jumper that I picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill months ago.

These days are one of the reasons why Seattle and Washington state will always be in my heart as (to this date) the best place I’ve lived… because when it’s 75 degrees and sunny here it is PARADISE!
Happy Birthday our little “Monkey” friend!  We will miss you.  

Have a great life in Florida!

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Happy (Goodwill) Birthday Bubbee!

Today’s the DAY!  Our little boy turns ONE!  And since it’s been a pretty fun-filled day I thought I’d share just how much Goodwill has been involved in our special day…

This vintage T was the one I picked up last weekend @ the Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue) ….

I went retro for many of the items I’ve purchased for our little one’s Birthday, like this Fischer Price Circus Train I bought off of ShopGoodwill.com and the Fischer Price Fire Engine circa 1988 (picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn store) for $4.99 in MINT condition!

It’s amazing how fast a year (or 11 years like his brother) goes!  My boys are the LOVE of my life and the greatest gifts that I could have EVER been given!

Happy First Birthday Bubbee! 

and wishing that we both can celebrate many, many more wonderful birthdays together for years to come!

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