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All Hallows Eve!

Finally!  Halloween is here!

I have been preparing for Halloween for months.  I knew we had a family costume party to go to on Sunday (after our 3-hour Glitter Gala fashion show walk-through which I will post about later on this week… it’s only 1 week away!!!), so I focused our family costume around the cowboy items I picked up for our little one at that church garage sale this summer for .50 cents.  I found most of the items for our family costumes at Goodwill.  We had Dastardly Whiplash (AKA “The Villian”) all costumed out by Goodwill with a black cape and top hat, and even the moustache!

I ended up needing to get the red bandana, jeans and cowboy shirt at the Goodwill to for my little “HERO”.

For my costume I picked up a long, black skirt and victorian-esque blouse @ the Goodwill.

I had to ind REAL rope, which isn’t so easy, so I ended up buying it at the local Home Depot store.

This weekend also had me preparing for our Halloween party at work.  Since I’m temping as an Administrator in an Accounting Department, we decided to all dress up as “counts” so I re-used the villian’s black cape, added my own little BCBG black dress (that I picked up last year @ Goodwill for my baby shower party) and because there were NO vampire items left at Goodwill I had to venture out to the Seattle costume-mecca… Champion Party store for my fangs.  I tried to put the attachable fangs on this morning with SUCKED (figuratively, not litterally) so I ended up going with the Goodwill $1.29 trusty pair.  If your dressing up as Vlad, don’t buy those attachable kind… they are a waste of money!

I also picked up a little mini-shotgun for my little “HERO” @ Champion.

I also decorated our department and could not find black or orange streamers at the Goodwill so I ran down to Fred Meyer and picked up a couple packs 1/2 off $1.89.

This week while shopping for the last Halloween items I also happened upon a great sale @ the Bellevue Goodwill and picked up some cute shirts for the little guy for $1.29 and a Faconnable vest, merino wool sweater and BCBG dress for me for work.  There were so many items (like the cute Channucka cards) that I just made a pile of the tickets for you…

This picture is my “artistic” self-shot of my new outfit.

I also used those cute little “Trick or Treat” baggies I picked up @ the Goodwill to put Halloween cookies for my co-workers…

I “COUNT” wait till the office Halloween party this afternoon!  This company is so awesome to work for/in… I hope I stay here for a long time!



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Our BUY OF THE WEEK April 7th

This weekend I shopped the Seattle Goodwill‘s PINK TAG sales to prep for our Spring/Summer Fashion photo shoot.

While shopping I found so many awesome things 50% off that I made this week’s BUY OF THE WEEK (2) TWO items!

The first is this brand-new Beatles T-shirt that I picked up @ the Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue)  for our little one!  As you can see we also scored a jean jacket for 50% off to pair it with.

The second is this BCBG print dress I also picked up @ the Bellevue Goodwill (http://www.seattlegoodwill.org/shop/stores/bellevue) that I just ADORE!  It was not 50% off but even as a Fashion Focus purchase, it was below $15 and in perfect condition!

This weekend, the deals are: RED TAGS @ the Seattle Goodwill and YELLOW TAGS at the Tacoma stores till Sunday when they change to RED TAGS (http://tacomagoodwill.org/files/Apr_calendar11.pdf).

So go support your local stores with your donations or maybe by looking for your own awesome BUYS of the week!

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HEAT up your Spring/Summer wardrobe with Goodwill!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some SUNSHINE!

So we headed over to South Lake Union for a fashion shoot to show what you can find @ your local Goodwill and HEAT UP your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2011!

The first tip from our friends over @ Thrift Town (which is located in CA, NM, TX and UT) is that BOLD ORANGE is a hot color.  Just look at this BRAND NEW BOLD ORANGE Michael Kors top I picked up @ the Centralia Goodwill this last week during our Portland adventures for only $3.99!  Paired here with a Lands End vest that I also scored during our Portland adventures (another must-have for your wardrobe, preppy accessories) and your ready to shine!

Here is the Thrift Town link for more looks: http://www.thrifttown.com/whats-hot-for-spring/

Another tip for your wardrobe is to get yourself a FULL-SKIRT to rock the “Mad Men” 60’s look.  Check out this skirt that I found @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill and imagine it with a button-up sweater, headband and white gloves.  Suddenly your June Cleaver all over!

The style website Glamour.com has a…

Spring 2011 Fashion Trend: Happy prints, all mixed up

The whole anything-goes look continues to be a winner.  –Chris Benz, spring 2011

For this look I paired another fabulous Bellevue Goodwill find, this BCBG print dress with a pair of (another hot trend this summer, nude-colored anything) strappy Sofft heels, a print BCBG scarf and a rockin’ straw hat.










For more Glamour.com http://www.glamour.com/fashion/2010/09/spring-2011s-most-wearable-fashion-trends#ixzz1IP45qImP

I don’t know if your itchin’ for more rays lately, but I am, so get to your local Goodwill for some fashion and….




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South by Southwest

This weekend we took a little road-trip to the South & (SouthWest) side of Seattle to shop at the Goodwill Tukwila and Burien stores.  I like these leisurely weekend trips to Goodwills we haven’t been to, not only to get a sense of how similar/different the stores are, but to know where they are.

The Tukwila store is in a warehouse, in the Southcenter warehouse district.  It was set up a bit differently than other stores (probably because it is in a warehouse building) but the staff were really friendly and extremely attentive!  We found a couple of items like new jammies (you can NEVER have enough footed jammies for babies!) and a beautiful Umbra jewelry tree for all those bracelets I keep amassing!

We then decided to head up Hwy 518 to the Burien store.  I’ve never really known very much about this area because I grew up outside Olympia and then when I moved to Seattle I either lived in the city or on the Eastside… so Southcenter was all I knew until this last year.  We have a PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support, that I highly recommend getting involved in if your going to have a baby!) member that lives in Burien, with a view of the sound in a beautiful little older neighborhood.  I am liking exploring this place more and more… and our trip to the Burien Goodwill only proved how much South (West) Seattle is growing on me!

The store was nice and big, like the Shoreline store, and we found a great mix of customers and goodies to buy.  I ended up getting some miscellaneous items but Burien is where I scored my “Oscars GREEN TAG with envy” BCBG dress!  I secretly -heart- this store now and will try to make the trip to visit it (and maybe our PEPS friend?!) more often!

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