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Philanthropy is ALIVE!

Last week I had a reporter over at The Chronicle of Philanthropy contact me about the Living the Goodwill Life challenge/blog and my participation in Jenna’s All Thrifty States thrift store tour.

We chatted a bunch about philanthropy (since I work in the nonprofit field and I’m a HUGE volunteer!) and my own personal goals for the challenge and the larger thrift-public that exists in our country.  While most of that didn’t make it into his article… you never know who is watching your actions and it gave me an added burst of enthusiasm for our Philanthropic nation and those contributing to it’s growth!

In the midst of government cuts to fund nonprofits and the added stress of MORE needs to those same organizations, our nonprofits are keeping their heads (barely) above water and continually finding ways to help those less fortunate than the rest of us.  Thanks to Jenna and others like The Chronicle of Philanthropy for continuing to put charity at the fore-front of our everyday lives; showing us that being thrifty and buying recycled goods from nonprofit organizations is a legitimate way of life and that it can be fun, inspirational and that it leads to greater movements in our troubling times!

NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP DAY is only 7 days away!  A PERFECT time to show the rest of the country that living a frugal lifestyle that supports philanthropy is our AMERICAN WAY!

So get out and SHOP and/or DONATE on Wednesday, August 17th America!  Support your local nonprofit organization by frequenting their thrift store and in turn give back to your fellow neighbors!  Show the world again that America always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE made up of philanthropic citizens giving to those in need!

For a list of your local thrift stores go to: The Thrift Shopper



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All Thrifty States

The boys and I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna and Ed from the All Thrifty States project while they were in Seattle.  Since their visit to our beautiful state, Jenna has taken their haRVey through numerous states on a quest to document as much of America‘s thrifting population as possible.

I keep up on her summer adventures to all the thrift stores I’d LOVE to visit (and some states I’d love to revisit!) on her Facebook and Twitter sites.  It’s like going on a road trip without having all the mess of driving, camping and trying to find healthy food to eat in the middle of nowhere!  (thanks Jenna!)

So while your sitting at your cubical wishing to escape for a quick-summer-moment, check out all the people and treasures All Thrifty States is running into on their adventures, and remember… Living the Goodwill Life and projects like All Thrifty States are here to encourage you to SHOP and DONATE to your local nonprofit thrift stores, so take an afternoon and go THRIFT!

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Red, White and BOY!

Why does it seem that every 4th of July we are planning our fireworks at the last minute?

Well, this year I swore it would be different for us so I started looking weeks ago at what was going on around the Seattle area.  I know, the BIG fireworks shows in major cities are always fun… but the one thing I always liked going to during a holiday weekend were parades.  So when our little Seattle-suburb posted signs up of a local parade, I WAS IN!

Now, to “participate” in this parade my boys and I (and maybe the dog?) need to be dressed up in RED, WHITE and BLUE!  Easy-peezy!  I’ve been shopping for holiday inspired items @ our local Goodwill‘s for weeks and rummaging through my craft bins to put together some creative outfits for us all.

This week we also met up with Jenna Isaacson and her husband Ed, the documentary filmmakers of All Thrifty States while they visited Seattle.  During our tour of the main Seattle Dearborn Goodwill store, we picked up these  RED, WHITE and BLUE items to add to our holiday costumes.  I told Jenna that the umbrella was impairative in Seattle on July 4th because if there is one thing you know about a Seattle summer is that it starts on JULY 5th, every year without doubt!  But the day before is always questionable weather-wise… hench the need for the RED and WHITE stripped umbrella!

The umbrella was $3.99, the (2) packs of multiple rolls of RED, WHITE and BLUE ribboning was $1.99 and $.99 and all the American flags were $1.99 for a set.  I even picked up an American-flag-colored Fred Segal tote for $.99 cents and a vintage Cardino game for $.99 cents for the boys and I to play!

So check out your local Goodwill stores for your 4th of July holiday weekend festivity needs.  This weekend is even the RED TAG sale @ Seattle stores!

Happy 4th of July weekend Thriftpublic!

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