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Birthday Wishes & Campfire Dreams

This weekend was a Birthday weekend for sure!  Not only did I celebrate my birthday (and graduation) on Friday but our little one’s final (he’s had three) 1st birthday celebration went off without a hitch (except for a couple of raindrops) at my parent’s farm, Tired Iron Acres.

Prior to our trip to the farm, I stopped by the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill to pick up a couple of final Birthday goody-bag items and to check out their once a year BIKE SALE.  It was after 4pm and we only had an hour till departure time, so I went to the stationary area first to pick up goody-bag-g00dies.  I immediately found a pack of brand-new window stickers (gel) with an aquarium motif for 1/2 off .99 cents… then I spotted a brand-new Korean fish wind sock in a mini-variety for 1/2 off .99 cents.  I then sought a couple of items for the older (9 and 11) cousins and found two brand-new packs of Marvel Comics Character (Silly) bands in different colors and with different shapes like the Silver Surfer and the Hulk for $1.99 each.  I paired them up with the birthday goody-bags I picked up earlier in the spring @ a Goodwill and SCORE!… we immediately finished our shopping list so I headed over to the bike sale area.

Unfortunately I was unable to shop the bike sale because we had a cart-in-tow with my little one inside… so all I could do was shop with my eyes, but there seemed to be plenty of great bikes still up for grabs and many of them were finding their way to the check-out line when we left.  I wish I was able to shop the sale, but maybe next year they will open it up to a larger room where shopping carts can go?!

I did end up scoring one more blue-tag-special of a beautiful Columbia jean jacket for 1/2 off $7.99!  You can see the jacket below in some of the images taken of the party by our great friend Ashwin Rao.

Thanks to everybody who celebrated our little one’s 1st birthday with us!  (and especially to my parents -pictured above- who instilled being a “thrifty” person in life.  Those little knick-knacks above -just some of my mother’s country charm- probably came from a thrift-store/garage-sale at some point!)


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The Monkey is 1!

Today we completely enjoyed the beautiful Seattle summer sunshine and attended (yet, another) 1st birthday celebration at a Lake Washington park.

So, we prepared by purchasing some gift items @ the Goodwill.

The jumper we found for $2.99 at the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill  and I found the brand-new (with matching gift tag) little boy’s gift bag at the Bellevue Goodwill for $1.99.  We always re-use tissue paper when we get gifts… another great GREEN thing to do!

This outfit on our little one was all Goodwill…  the shirt is that vintage orange one we picked up @ the Belleuve Goodwill (that we had him in for his 1st birthday) and the blue/white gingham outfit is a Pottery Barn jumper that I picked up @ the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill months ago.

These days are one of the reasons why Seattle and Washington state will always be in my heart as (to this date) the best place I’ve lived… because when it’s 75 degrees and sunny here it is PARADISE!
Happy Birthday our little “Monkey” friend!  We will miss you.  

Have a great life in Florida!

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You say it’s your Birthday…

In less than a month it is my little one’s big 1st Birthday!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year, the time has just flown by!

So I’ve put together a video to show you some of the items I’ve been purchasing for months in preparation for the party.  Check back in early Summer for post-Birthday photos and remember to check-out a Goodwill store near you for Birthday party items, gifts, etc.!


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