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The Grass is GREENER @ Goodwill!

This week we had one of those beautiful Spring Seattle days so after a weekend of not feeling well, we went out to a park with some of our latest Goodwill finds.

The SMELL of the fresh mowed grass was just as yummy as the blue waters!

Just look at how much fun we were having in the GREEN grass!

Spring has finally SPRUNG!


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Where are we there yet?

So I have another update on the latest savings figures, but I also wanted to start providing a snap-shot into the TOTAL SAVINGS thus far since we are now 1/4 of the way into this year-long challenge.


Items purchased from a Goodwill since January 1st 2011: 308

Total cost of all items purchased @ Goodwill since January 1st 2011: $599.32

TOTAL retail cost paid for these same items:  $3535.39

TOTAL SAVINGS of these items as of April 11th, 2011:  $2936.07!

I plan on adding this TOTAL SAVINGS component in the summer and fall as well since this challenge is about many things, but one of them is how shopping @ the Goodwill can help you save your hard earned dollars over retail.


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Our BUY OF THE WEEK April 7th

This weekend I shopped the Seattle Goodwill‘s PINK TAG sales to prep for our Spring/Summer Fashion photo shoot.

While shopping I found so many awesome things 50% off that I made this week’s BUY OF THE WEEK (2) TWO items!

The first is this brand-new Beatles T-shirt that I picked up @ the Bellevue Goodwill (  for our little one!  As you can see we also scored a jean jacket for 50% off to pair it with.

The second is this BCBG print dress I also picked up @ the Bellevue Goodwill ( that I just ADORE!  It was not 50% off but even as a Fashion Focus purchase, it was below $15 and in perfect condition!

This weekend, the deals are: RED TAGS @ the Seattle Goodwill and YELLOW TAGS at the Tacoma stores till Sunday when they change to RED TAGS (

So go support your local stores with your donations or maybe by looking for your own awesome BUYS of the week!

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Adventures in Portlandia

Last weekend we had some GOODWILL STYLE adventures in Portlandia!

Our first stop was the main Portland Goodwill store, where we went 11th BDay shopping!  My son scored this awesome longboard (this week’s Buy of the Week) and a great Ferrari model as well as this brand-new Oakley sweatshirt that was retail priced @ $55 but we scored for only $13!

While there we had two local TV stations do interviews to share the Living the Goodwill Life challenge with Portlanders!

After the main store adventures we decided to tour Portlandia and headed over to the OMSI and then down to check out the Portland Goodwill Boutique store in the Pearl District and of course VOODOO Donuts!

I was just drooling over the Louis Vutton luggage set in the Goodwill Boutique window!  So if you want an EXCELLENT LV set for under $1k, then hit them up.  We walked away with a great Banana Republic jacket (originally $120, only $25!) and a secret wish that Seattle had a  Goodwill boutique all it’s own!

After some sushi dinner we ventured over to VooDoo Donuts.  Well, the lines were hella-LONG so we decided to make an early morning Saturday run to beat the crowds.  We ended up there @ 8:30am and that was a good time to go, NO lines!

This hole-in-the-wall bakery is world renown for its bizarre but brilliant baked goods and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint.  We ordered the VooDoo doll, the Bubble-gum, the Capt. my Capt. and of course their Maple/Bacon bar.  All were well worth going off my RAW diet for! 

We then decided to hit up the Vancouver, Centralia and Olympia Goodwill stores on the way back to Seattle.  We scored some more awesome deals that I will post this weekend… just in time for Spring.

All in all, the Portland trip was a great weekend adventure!  Just enough to get out-of-town, do it up differently and share Living the Goodwill Life with more people.

I will be posting more of the media links from the Portland TV and radio stations coverage so check back and if your down in the Portland area hit up some of the 43 Goodwill stores.  They have more donations than ANY Goodwill world-wide and 90 cents of every dollar goes to help FREE local job training!

An awesome title for those die-hard thriftpublic shoppers out there that also want to give back to a community!

So go VISIT Portlandia soon!


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Portland Buy of the Week

Thanks Portlandia for all your Goodwill LUV this weekend!  The trip harvested some great deals, some media coverage and some new Goodwill friends!

The birthday boy scored this SWEET longboard @ the main Portland store and the skating-flammage made it our BUY OF THE WEEK.

Check back for more updates on the weekend’s Portland adventures!

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TOP 5 TIPS for

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to the founder of Queen Bee Coupons, a website dedicated to helping people save money.  Queen Bee Coupons asked me to help their readers understand how to be frugal @ the Goodwill by writing a guest article for their website.  The article I wrote is the “Top 5 Tips for shopping @ the Goodwill” and you can read it on their web site at:

As a follow-up to this article I put together a video on the “Top 5 Tips for” since you can buy @ a Goodwill store -OR- online!

I hope you enjoy the video and head over to Queen Bee Coupons for more ways to save on items besides shopping @ the Goodwill!

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Swimming Karma

You know, I swear I just have “GOODwill Karma” lately because practically every time I step into a Goodwill I’m finding EXACTLY what I needed!

Today we ventured out to the Seattle Dearborn store ( in preparation for our Portland trip and one of the things I really needed to find was a bigger pair of swimming trunks for the baby (for the hotel’s pool).  As soon as I walked into the children’s area I read a sign…

Really?  Could I be that lucky?  YEP… I guess sometimes I just am!  We ended up scoring not only the IZOD swimming trunks @ 30% off but we also scored a mint-condition London Fog winter jacket (for next winter) AND a brand-new pool toy!

Again… the Goodwill doesn’t let me down!  Now… onto Portlandia!

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Saved in Portlandia

Yep, that’s right Thrift-Public… I’ve SAVED over $1,000 by shopping @ the Goodwill so far this year!  And that’s no small potatoes!

What would YOU do with an extra $1,000?


Speaking of saving… we have been taking a little bit of a shopping break this week in preparation for our BDay Portlandia trip this week.  So stay tuned for the low-down-of-deals from our neighbor to the south… 

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Clean out those DRAWERS!

This year the Goodwill started a DONATE campaign to encourage people to go through their closets, garages, storage spaces and homes and donate all they are not using/don’t need.  Now the Goodwill has partnered up with Hanes to encourage people to “clean out your drawers” to help the environment and your local community with job training through the Goodwill.

Not only is Hanes helping encourage Americans to donate but they are taking it one step further and have announced a photography contest!  You can find out more about the contest by going to

We went to our local Bellevue Goodwill ( and brought in some really great items to donate such as this brand-new with tags Carter’s baby outfit, or a BCBG skirt and new parent books.

We’ve cleaned out our DRAWERS for Hanes and Goodwill… have you?

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Meet the MAN!

This week I had the AWESOME ADVENTURE of interviewing Gary, the manager of the Bellevue Goodwill.

Now for anybody that’s seen any media footage concerning the Seattle Goodwill in the last 5 years it has been Gary that you’ve probably seen.  Evening Magazine doing a Halloween episode, Gary!  Local TV news coverage for the annual Seattle Goodwill‘s Glitter Gala, Gary!  If you have even been visiting the various stores for more than two years you’ve more than likely seen… yep, you guessed it, GARY!

Gary is a Seattle Goodwill ICON.  I say icon because not only is Gary super-chill, always engaging the customers, always doing what he can to spread the Goodwill message, but Gary does all of this with a warm personality, a friendly smile and of course a FABULOUS sense of style!

So, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Gary for this challenge/blog and asked him a little about his Goodwill background, his thoughts on what Goodwill means in our community and of course what men’s hot fashions you can find at a local Goodwill!  The only part of the interview I didn’t have a chance to touch on is the upcoming Bellevue Goodwill Designer event which is happening April 29th through the 30th.  You can find out more about it here: March Goodwill Calendar

Enjoy the interview and say “Hi” to Gary next time you see him!   


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