The Last Living the Goodwill Life shopping trip

This week I’ve been holding off on shopping at Goodwill for a couple of reasons…

1.) I already added up my total savings of over $13k this year

2.) I’m trying to conserve money because my temping assignment ended and I don’t have another job yet

3.) I’m starting to get SAD that this year is almost over, and all that I have learned and everybody that I have met could be ending very soon.

But because I’ve taught my boys well, my oldest wanted to make one last trip this week to a Goodwill, so we ventured over to the biggest Goodwill in America, the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill.

I stood back and let my oldest shop for deals with his newly aquired holiday money… and boy what proud mommy I was as I watched him weight the value of an item and ask for my opinion on the cost and then decide if it was really something that he wanted.  Of course we hit the toy area first, but because he is a Tween the clothing area has been a recent discovery for him.  As we were walking back I found a nice little glass container set that I never can seem to find for $2.99 so I picked it up.

Just look at this awesome brand-new winter hat (he lives in Colorado part of the year after all, so this baby will come in really handy!) that he scored for only $8.99!

And this sweater that only cost $4.99 that he described as “SWEET”…

So there you go.  My final buy of my Living the Goodwill Life challenge is a simple (but very useful) glass container and most of this trip was for my son’s joy.

I appreciate all the people that have been subscribing to this blog in the last couple of weeks and all the comments and ideas coming in from readers… it makes it bitter-sweet to me that this challenge is ending in less than 48 hours but even more inspired to keep up this outlet of communications for all thrifters in America… hopefully that will transpire in 2012 in one way or another!



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4 responses to “The Last Living the Goodwill Life shopping trip

  1. Dear Beautiful — while helped you pocket book and the planet, taught your sweet boy the value of a dollar — please know your shout-outs have brought in thousands of shoppers and donors. Ultimately thousands more people barrier to employment in NW OR and WA state are now able to walk into 2012 with their head held proud. They are either employed or on the road with a good solid support team. I am in awe. Thank you for your service.

  2. My 15 year old daughter (an avid Goodwill shopper) hits the shoe racks first and has found many Converse and Sperry shoes for no more than $4.99 a pair. She knows in retail stores to keep walking to the back (because that’s where the clearance racks are!). This is taught I believe, from a very young age by example.

  3. i say KEEP IT UP!! You might just keep saving money and finding deals very worth it. Love hearing about your purchases. The store here was PACKED today!! Very busy!!

  4. I like that the finds are useful and practical…it’s a nice reminder of the point of this challenge 🙂

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