More shoppers arrive!

Well, more shoppers have slowly started to arrive. Car doors slamming woke us already in line up and of course I had to see what new groups we had on board for the big day!

Let me also start this next post with some tips on how to attend the Glitter Sale…

First, be prepared! I came with tents, flashlights, emergency materials, sleeping bags, hand warmers, money to spend, itemized wish list & a back up plan including speaking to staff, and contacts to call! Serious Glitter Shoppers come prepared but are always rewarded!

Second, bring a friend! Or two, three… A group! Half of the fun is sharing it with friends, and when needed asking for friends to help you on such an adventure! I couldn’t of done my First-In-Line adventure this year without the help of Dante, Jill & Pauline, you guys ROCK!!!

This morning we had Amanda & Hallynd came together to shop the Glitter Sale, Amanda comes up from Portland. She states that Portland stores have different, more eclectic items and Seattle has higher-end designer pieces. True Glitter Sale items for sure! Amanda says the $1.29 Mondays up here ROCK! and Portland should look into getting a similar day! They were here last year at 4am, this year 2am… they still look great this early!

Third, have a shopping game plan. No, standing in line all night/morning isn’t enough… You need to know that there are 200 people right behind you looking to grab that one pair of Prada pumps too so unless you wear easy slip-off shoes, clingy clothing for easy-over try ons and of course hand-warmers to keep your chill out in line, your gonna miss out on something.

I’ll share more tips from the Glitter sale front-lines as the reports from shoppers come in!



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