The DVF finally gets used!

Yes, we FINALLY cracked that Diane Von Furstenburg luggage case last week!  and just in time for a weekend trip down to the farm on the train! 

There was not anything in the case but it does work perfectly to hold all our essentials for a trip!

The little one had a great time riding down on the train… not too busy in Business class on a Friday night, but Mommy was busy following the little one around back and forth, back and forth between the cars!

As you can see the only photo I could get of the little one on the train was blurry… because he was just moving around that fast!  But (most) of the train-goers liked his smiling face visiting them.

We enjoyed a leisurely weekend riding on quads, tractors and exploring Nana’s garden…

We even got some time in with the bunnies…

After that we went into Centralia and checked out the Centralia Goodwill and the other local nonprofit thrift-store, Visiting Nurses.  We are a big fan of Visiting Nurses, Nana goes there all the time.  But Mommy wasn’t feeling too well so all I did was watch the little one and took some pictures of their various display cases that are fun to rummage through.

and another…

I wish I could elaborate on the rest of the weekend but the reality is that I’m just finally recovered from a bad 24-hour bug that took it out of me until Monday evening.  But this week is Halloween and I have two costumes to buy for, so keep checking back to see what the family put together and all the preparations for my work-Halloween-party. 

Stay healthy out there!  Those bugs are nasty this season!


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