Honey, what happened to my shirt?

If you’ve ever lived with me (in a relationship), you will know that I have a tendency to throw out things every once in a while.  I literally get so sick of seeing certain items that I just gather them up one day and consign, sell, give-away or donate them just to get it out of my sight!  It wouldn’t be so bad if all of this stuff was indeed mine, but yes, I am admitting to you now that I’ve tossed a couple of things that were not mine into the great fire-sale pile (like that FUGLY “avocado” shirt of an old boyfriend’s – geesh was that thing was FUGLY! – or my ex-husband’s favorite concert T-shirt that started a feud between us that we could still be fighting about today if we didn’t already go our separate ways).  And yes, there is a story about why I fire-sale off my (and other people’s) stuff which I will save for another date *hint-hint* I have a few hoarders in my family.  Enough said.

So if you read this blog you will also know that two weeks ago was one of my famous fire-sales (again too with other people’s stuff) and that I (or should I say “WE”?) donated a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill.  Great!  I encourage (and live by excellent example obviously) donating items to help out your local nonprofit thrift-store.  Well, turns out I goofed and accidentally put my bathing suit in the donation pile.  Oops!

Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem… but I found out at 7:30 the morning I went to go put on my suit because our little guy started swimming lessons at 9:45.  Oops again!

Immediately what came to mind was “CRAP!  I’m gonna have to go to Target or some other retail store because the Goodwill is NOT going to have a swimsuit during the offseason, let alone in my size!”

So for days I hesitated going into a Goodwill, first of all because as I’ve stated a couple of times lately that I’m pretty busy with my family, work and college coursework… but mostly I shunned the stores because I was so super-pissed at myself for doing such a stupid thing!  I mean come on… it’s not like they can even sell my swimsuit… basically, it was like just throwing it away which made me even more pissed at myself!

But, eventually I got off my self-bashing-session and mustered up the courage to quickly check out the Dearborn store for any remnants of a suit before I headed into what has becoming no-man’s land to me during this year-long-challenge… that of the suburban strip-mall retail stores.

Guess what?  I actually found a suit!  The ONLY one-piece suit they had, brand-new and in my size?!!  I couldn’t believe it!  And I even found a swim-top for the little guy so he would stay warmer in the water.

Again, the Goodwill has got my back with an item that I thought for sure I wouldn’t find in their stores!

So since the great swimsuit donation a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided to swear off being so hasty in my futures fire-sales.  And I’ve also decided to possibly just box things up for a while before I get rid of them all together that way if I want them back I don’t have to go buy them again.

I bet my ex-husband and boyfriend would have appreciated me learning this lesson oh say about 15 years ago!  But then again… who ever is wearing that FUGLY avocado shirt got a screaming deal and I won’t EVER have to see that thing again!  (oh please, please, please…*crossing fingers* let me hope so!)


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One response to “Honey, what happened to my shirt?

  1. such a pleasant surprise to find something you reallyyyyy need and reallyyyyy don’t want to pay retail for at goodwill! you totally lucked out 🙂

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