The last of the weekend warriors

As I posted this month, I’ve been attending some garages sales this summer to not only encourage local thrifting/2nd hand shopping but to showcase the amazing deals and items that are offered in your own backyard!

This last weekend my own community had the last of the garage sales MEGA sale.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate (which happens in Seattle sometimes) and our plans of going street to street ended up being a mere leisurely walk through our neighborhood.  BUT, check out what it produced!

We found all sorts of signs calling out to us!

And boy where there a LOT of great items like this entire sale of teenage, sports equipment!!

It didn’t take long for us to find things for the little one!

Like this great carpet that we found for all our trucks and cars to cruise on!

Or this great sign that is going in a holiday basket!

Or these great highway signs to go with our new car rug ($2 for both) or this awesome like-new-condition little collapsible seat with carrying case that was only $2!

The community-wide garage sale might not been as popular as we had hoped but the Goodwill did have a truck there both afternoons to collect those garage sale items that were not sold!

It might be the end of the summer garage-sale season, but that means you can go back indoors to the Goodwill to shop!


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