Gift cards and Goodwill

For months I’ve been looking for items to buy my two tween nephews for their September birthdays… but when it came to the night before and I still had not found anything off their list of goodies, I ended up buying one of the few items I did not get at the Goodwill this year… Barnes and Noble gift cards.

But, I knew we would be able to shop at the Centralia store while we were visiting, so it wasn’t going to be a entirely free Goodwill weekend.

We arrived to watch both boys soccer games and my little one did some soccer kicking of his own…

From the soccer fields at the High School we traveled into downtown Centralia and while on our way came across a street performer!

Add an ImageIn all the years I’ve lived and visited Centralia I’ve NEVER seen a street performer there… let alone a Steampunk-ish one!

The Centralia Goodwill was chalked full of Halloween goodies and great visual displays!  This display even had an interactive parrot, PERFECT for interacting with the customers!

With all the Halloween items, displays and signs around I was inspired to get some of our Halloween outfit items.  Luckily, we found a couple of things for the little guy and his daddy.  I’m not going to tell you who we are going to be yet… but I will unveil our costumes before the holiday to show you what is possible when shopping for Halloween at the Goodwill.  Maybe you will figure out who we are going to be before then?

I also found a couple of great coats for the little one and me.  You can never have to many wash-n-wear items with a toddler around AND when they are designers like J Crew, even better!

We were about to get into the car after shopping at the Centralia Goodwill and I spotted a sign down the sidewalk of the strip mall that read “Thrift Store” so we decided to stop in.

The “Growing Places” Thrift Store had just opened up a week prior and oddly enough, Growing Places nonprofit is one that I worked with at my last job!  It was great to see a new Thrift Store in the area and to know that the youth farming mission that Growing Places supports will be moved ahead with this new shop!  So if your in the area shop the Goodwill AND this new little store.  Your money and/or donations will be supporting TWO great causes in the Centralia area!

We found all sorts of great items at the Growing Places Thrift Store and ended up walking away with a whole bag full of friendship bracelet thread (I have more bracelets on my agenda for holiday gifts) for only .50 cents!!

After all the shopping it was time to go back to our nephew’s house to enjoy an afternoon with the family.  We also spent some time with Nana feeding and petting the bunny rabbits.  Ah, life on a farm is just so amazing, especially when you see your children enjoying nature like this….

In the words of Ice Cube… “Today was a good day!”


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  1. Georgetta Chismere

    “Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

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