A Gnome Home

So this week, at my new temporary job… I arrived to find a Gnome sitting at my desk, looking all innocent.

After some interrogation of the staff I found the Gnome has a story…

He arrived at this office after a white-elephant holiday gift exchange.  My department boss received him and was about to donate him (probably to the Goodwill) when somebody said that the Gnome shouldn’t go away quietly into the sunset yet, but stay and “travel” around the office for a while.  Three years later, the Gnome is now gracing my cubical.

Well, not being one to give up on something so easily I thought about my own Gnome past.  Like when I was a child on the farm and I used to love looking at my mother’s garden Gnomes only to see them all disintegrate into balls of cement after Mt. St. Helen’s blew and covered them all with ash that ate right through them…

Or in the early 1990’s when I watched the amazing movie Amelie’ and the traveling Gnome started (before Travelocity’s commercials) which sparked a branch off of this concept when my best friend started his own traveling “rat” adventures.  Which went all over the world too!

Or as of lately when our family purchased the movie Gnomeo and Juliet (that we all love except the fact that Elton John monopolized the movie’s soundtrack and well, made it appear kind of corny by doing so.  Share the LOVE Elton, share the LOVE!)

So, I quickly decided this traveling Gnome had found a home at my temporary cubical for now.  I guess if this gig becomes permanent I’ll consider passing him onto another newbie… but for now I think I’ll buy him some items for his GNOME HOME at the Goodwill!

I’ll keep you all posted on his progress.  🙂


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