Weekend warriors

We took a drive down to visit some family this weekend in Centralia, WA.  I did not have any thrifting in our plans but it happened anyway.

Being that it was a weekend AND that it was absolutely gorgeous weather… the garage sale signs were out in FULL FORCE just calling our name… so we pulled into a couple.

Immediately we found some great treasures, and ALL of them at the church garage sale were only .25 cents each!!!

The little one scored this awesome Fischer Price “popcorn” toy, a cowboy hat and horse (with real “whinny” and “galloping” sound effects) just in time for Halloween costume shopping!  And mommy found another antique glass lighting fixture which I’ve been making into those flower/candle holders as gifts…. ALL were only .25 cents each!  (that price is worth a second mention!)

I think we ended up going to like 4 or 5 garage sales and scored some beautiful antique “Made in Japan” bamboo bowls, a pair of wood/metal shoe horns, some kitchen towels and whole box full of magazines (for free, thrown in for good luck) for $2.  I was just grovin on the deals this fine summer day!

Then we attended the Centralia Classic Car show downtown.  So many beautiful cars!  I grew up in a family that buys 2nd hand, including their cars too.  Mostly we had classic chevy’s (like our “family” car which was a 56′ Nomad or my dad’s “roadster” a 55 chevy) since that is papa’s “thing”.  Boy do I have some stories of us drag-racing down Centralia’s streets before they banned cruising (Centralia used to be the BIGGEST cruising destination back in the day!) and other odd-ball adventures with my parent’s classic cars.  I too inherited the 2nd hand car bug and purchased my 1968 convertible Bug back in 1992 which I still have today.

Anyways… if your a thrifter or a classic car lover like my family is, weekends like this last weekend are part of the excitement of our lives.  Our endless search for that “one” special deal, whether it is a classic car with one original owner and only 60k miles on it… or that rare book from a famous artist that ends up being one of only 5 in existence (more on that book later).  The “warrior” in us searches on for that one, special find… but us warriors also know that most of the fun is in the adventure of the searching itself!


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