National Thrift Store Day

Last Wednesday was National Thrift Store Day… yep, our country has a national holiday for thrift stores, Yippee!

So we ventured out after work to check out the deals and came up with quite a few needed (and a couple just-because) items.

I’ve been on the search for new kitchen and bath towels lately and scored two Sur La Table beauties @ only $1.99 each!  We also needed a new pair of sandals for the little one since his (less than two months old) pair of Teva’s are falling apart?!!  I ended up finding this great-condition pair for only $2.99 and while I was looking found a beautiful BCBG Generation cashmere tank (with sequins) for only $5.99!

It will be 360+ days till the next National Thrift Shop Day in 2012 but that doesn’t mean you can’t search for deals everyday at your local Goodwill!



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2 responses to “National Thrift Store Day

  1. haha yeah! every day is thrift shop day for me 😉 great finds by the way

  2. It’s really great shopping at Goodwill. Check out this video- it’s related to your post.

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