Holidays and Radio stations

I know I haven’t been posting as much lately but this mommy is on a JOB HUNT!  My current work contract ends on August 28th and I’ve been busy turning up the heat on finding a replacement job!  So far, a couple of prospects have come in but I’m still crossing my fingers that Goodwill International is watching and wants to take Living the Goodwill Life LIVE!  -Or- Goodwill has an opening in their corporate offices for this nonprofit professional.  It’s a difficult market out there, that’s for sure… but maybe it’s time to ask the Thrift Public to help out and send in a good word for me?!  I don’t think it could hurt in this economy and well, everybody knows I HEART the Goodwill (and thrifting) by now!!!

But, this week we did get out to the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill to check out their Xmas in July sale…

 The store has the entire back room full of holiday merchandise to purchase from… and quite a selection!  You can find everything from coffee mugs to wreaths, to costumes, table runners, statues and collectibles!

And it isn’t just for Xmas… there are Hannukah and other holiday items thrown in there too.

After checking out the back room  we ran into Gary Foy, the Bellevue Goodwill Manager (see the interview we did with Gary back in the Spring here…)  Gary traveled over the water to the Seattle store to help put together a KUBE 93 fashion blog shoot.  As always, Gary had some excellent Goodwill outfits put together and we even bickered over a silk Banana Republic dress that I wanted to try on!  Anyways, you can check out the blog post over here but here are the girls from the station in action watching the models try on the outfits.


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