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Yesterday we attended a rainy (but pleasantly NOT crowded) Bite of Seattle.  I always enjoy going to the Bite of Seattle to see new restaurants/foods to try. Unfortunately, I ‘m not sure if it’s too expensive/policy-ridden to attend or not worth as a restaurant anymore because the Bite of Seattle actually had LESS vendors for food and goods than the PRIDE festival actually did?!  Not only that but @ 6:30pm (a very typical dinner time) the entire “ALLEY” area that Tom Douglas created, and that supports a great local nonprofit Food Lifeline, was CLOSED??!!!  Not a good sign for the culinary lovers in the PNW.  😦 We need something new, the local markets are offering a BETTER culinary choice than this (supposedly) major Seattle festival!

Bite of Seattle… you need a desperate rehaul.  The newest and BEST item we tried this year was a free sample of Dave’s Killer Bread (the cinnamon bread, YUM!)??!!!

BUT, in the disappointment that the festival was to us I found some THRIFTSPIRATION from our local Salvation Army !  I’ve been thinking that thrift stores need to get on the festival/event bandwagon and start setting shop to offer the public 1.) more environmental options for purchasing (and believe me, purchasing an umbrella yesterday would of raked in BIG BUCKS!) 2.) provide event goers a NEW-NESS to the endless-boring-typical vendors at these events  3.)  get the THRIFT (and DONATE!) message out to the masses more!

I mean just look at this set-up!  Beautiful items for sale like bikes, furniture, designer clothing and accessories…the Salvation Army even had the tent nicely decorated with plants, asian screens, antique mirrors and antique retail counters!  The sales staff were extremely friendly and interested in the Living the Goodwill Life  challenge.  I couldn’t seem to pull myself away from the tent.

Now, of course, “I” can’t buy anything from Salvation Army this year… but I DID start this challenge to encourage Thrift LOVE, and to me that means LOVE to ALL thrift stores (as long as they are nonprofits).  So I wanted to showcase this brilliant idea of a traveling thrift store from the Salvation Army to you all and I think I’m going to use it as catalyst for another project I’ve been wanting to start posting about here on the blog… other thrift stores.  I know, you can get some of this information on the ALL THRIFTY STATES blog/documentary too, but Jenna doesn’t have time to showcase all the different thrifting options in the PNW area (unless we start to collaborate in the future on a NATIONAL thrift site?!  HEY, I’m talking to YOU JENNA!  *wink* *wink*).  So, I think I’ll start the reporting here, with the Salvation Army traveling thrift-store.

The tent is FULL of Gucci, Coach, Juicy, Men’s athletic jersey’s and italian shoes… the list goes on and on.  My oldest son seen my excitement for all the items (I couldn’t buy) and INSISTED that he buy’s me something from the Salvation Army!  I mean, how could a thrifter mom not be just so touched that your child wants to buy you something at a thrift store with their own allowance money?!  I was just welling up with appreciation…pride….LOVE for my oldest son’s desire to spread the THRIFT LOVE!

So, I ended up walking away with a brand-new grey designer (Target brand) T-shirt purchased by my oldest and a new curiosity for the Salvation Army stores and all the other stores I have on my Facebook page, I see on our way to the park, I work with at my nonprofit job… etc., etc., etc.

Thanks Salvation Army!  Thanks for being @ the Bite of Seattle this weekend!  Thanks for your beautiful merchandise to browse through during a dull event!  Thanks for your friendly staff help!  and THANKS for providing more exposure to the world (and benefits) of THRIFT shopping!  Oh, and Thanks for the *FREE* beautiful calendar!

If your going to the Bite, get there EARLY to attend the Alley and check out the Salvation Army traveling thrift store (over by the growing garden, kids/family area in front of the EMP)!  Goodwill, you have a great idea to watch here!


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