Constructing a new presence

Today we hit the Seattle Dearborn store for a little thrift-therapy after a long, busy weekend!

As soon as we arrived on the corner of the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill we could see the dozers tearing down the old buildings in front of the store, making way for new expansion!

Just look at all that work going into the new location!  You can read more about it in a recent press release.

As we were searching the isles we came across this Stokke highchair for only $7.99!

I mean these things are $335 online brand new and this one was less than $10?  I almost picked it up just to resell it at that price!  But alas, I had only a stroller and I don’t need MORE things in my home… in fact a donation run is quickly approaching us!  So I’ll just leave it to those lucky parents (or resellers) that really would do something with this beauty!

After an hour of searching the store, we were ready to try some clothing on.  Now I will say that the Seattle Goodwill expansion efforts are not coming too soon for this thrifter, especially when it comes to the store’s dressing rooms!  Today was one of those SPECIAL days where the dressing room dictators (AKA other Goodwill shoppers) were especially diligent in WHO is allowed in what room… always a nuisance for those of us with little ones left to wait in a 1/2 hour line behind two other parents just to get the ONE larger dressing room.  But, we waited patiently in line (with the natives being so restless, a missing appendage was NOT worth it to me today) and luckily my little one was a SUPER TROOPER!  I could have just said to heck with it (like I witnessed three other patrons doing… just to put some of their finds back on hanging racks at their frustration) but I decided to wait it out.  So, if this thrifter can make a recommendation for the new space… PLEASE, give us MORE dressing rooms!  And PLEASE, make two or three more larger rooms for those of us disabled, or abled with children!  It would be much appreciated!

So, with the dressing room fiasco behind us and those dictators far from sight… my little one and I gladly checked out with our treasures.

The BLUE TAG specials were kind to us today, scoring a great necklace that I’m going to deconstruct into a new friendship DIY one.  I also bought a set of 50 cards/envelopes for my handcraft-art-cards and some Victorian and whimsical stickers for only .99 cents!

The dressing rooms didn’t do me any favors today, but my little one ended up scoring a couple of new fall items for the $1.29 BLUE TAG sale price, and some much-needed pants/shorts for only $1.99 each!

As in the words of Ice T… today was a good day!  And we for one are eagerly awaiting the new construction of the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill (and please, please, remember us dressing room customers in your construction plans!)



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