All Thrifty States

The boys and I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna and Ed from the All Thrifty States project while they were in Seattle.  Since their visit to our beautiful state, Jenna has taken their haRVey through numerous states on a quest to document as much of America‘s thrifting population as possible.

I keep up on her summer adventures to all the thrift stores I’d LOVE to visit (and some states I’d love to revisit!) on her Facebook and Twitter sites.  It’s like going on a road trip without having all the mess of driving, camping and trying to find healthy food to eat in the middle of nowhere!  (thanks Jenna!)

So while your sitting at your cubical wishing to escape for a quick-summer-moment, check out all the people and treasures All Thrifty States is running into on their adventures, and remember… Living the Goodwill Life and projects like All Thrifty States are here to encourage you to SHOP and DONATE to your local nonprofit thrift stores, so take an afternoon and go THRIFT!


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