Burien Thrift haul

So, after our birthday party this last weekend my son’s and I ventured to the Burien Goodwill to check out their toy sale (happening now until July 8th @ all Seattle Goodwill stores).

So far I’ve only been to the Burien Goodwill one other time where I scored my Oscar’s party BCBG dress for 1/2 off $9.99 and I just had the notion that this would happen again, and boy did it!

First of all I had been admiring this hat our friends little boy had @ the birthday party… a paperboy style hat that was very hipster, and VERY my youngest one.  So I went back to the accessories area and guess what?  I found a hat almost exactly the same for $4.99!  My little one is still getting used to his hats but this weekend @ a parade it was sunny and the hat was PERFECT at keeping the sun out of his face!  (and he actually kept it on for a little bit which is a miracle in and of itself!)

Then, after that my older son came up to me and showed me something I NEVER SEE @ Goodwill‘s anymore… LEGOS!  A brand-new LEGO creator set for only .99 cents!  He was super happy about that score and I was so inspired by the toy find that I looked around and immediately found a great wood truck with a magnet on the end for .99 cents too.

Then, rummaging through the cards and ephemera area I came across a brand-new Pottery Barn photo holder for only $1.99.  Just look @ all these wonderful Burien Goodwill thrift haul items!

I know I always say that the Goodwill stores we visit are awesome for the items you can find but really, the Burien Goodwill is quickly becoming my “Secret Shopping Spot” for sure


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