Really, Really (GOODwill) Renton

This week we ventured down to a new Goodwill store for us… Renton.  I had heard from a reader of this blog months ago that Renton had a larger toy section than most of the other Goodwill’s and since the Seattle Goodwill stores are having a TOY SALE until July 8th, so we headed over to see what goodies we could find.

My older son found two great transformers, for only .99 cents each

And I found quite a few PINK TAG (1/2 off) items…

I have a number of smaller art items that I use to make my upcycled jewelry with, so this tackle-box was perfect to store all those in for only $4.99.  I also try and pick up cards & envelopes for great prices when I can because I also design upcycled Ephemera (collectable items intended to last for a short time, such as tickets, posters, postcards, or cards) so I ended up grabbing three sets of cards and matching envelopes (one pack even had a set of colored markers too!) all were 1/2 off $1.99 each.  I then came upon a new packet of wrapping tissue for 1/2 off .99 cents, a packet of CD sticker covers that were originally priced for $6.99 @ the Container Store marked down to .99 cents @ Goodwill and a mint-condition Pyrex, yellow mixing bowl for 1/2 off $4.99.  Then, just when I thought I was done for the day I came across a great pair of pants for the little one for $1.99 and a Banana Republic tank top for summer also just $1.99!

We enjoyed discovering this new Goodwill store for us and will certainly be back!  If you have some time check out the TOY SALE at any of the Seattle Goodwill stores until July 8th, you never know what you might find!



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2 responses to “Really, Really (GOODwill) Renton

  1. Carlos M

    My name is carlos and I’m a retail Lead Mgr. at the South Everett Goodwill Store. I just want to say what a beautiful family you have. I hope that one day you have the opportunity to come by our store. Our staff would love to have you visit us. Thank you for your comments on Goodwill !

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