Boy, oh boy, oh blog!

I’ve shared some of my treasure hunting with my older son on this blog before but I haven’t shared how much he is into the Living the Goodwill Life challenge, or Goodwill in general.  In fact just today I mentioned to him that I was thinking of another challenge for next year and he said to keep doing this challenge because (in his own words) “its just awesome mom!”

My older son (who is 11 1/2 years old) has been thrifting with my mother, sister and I since he was a wee-babe.  He learned over the years that if he was good while in the thrift-store that we would buy him a toy.  Besides that, it didn’t take him very long to realize that shopping at a thrift-store helped his allowance go a LOT further!

So (per my older son’s request… I swear I have the BEST BOYS!!!) we hit the Bellevue Goodwill and he ended up scoring a bag of 4 monster trucks for .99 cents at their toy sale!  He also picked up a present for his summer tutor for .99 cents and was so proud to show them off…

I was recently interviewed by the blog “A Good Look by Goodwill” (the NY/NJ Goodwill blog) and I said that “Whaetver my children end up doing or becoming in their lives… if the one thing they know is that they can take their mom out to a thrift-store for an afternoon of shopping with them and that bonding time will be one of the most special times I could ever ask for in life, then I’ve done a good job raising them!”  I think that says it all, I love my boys and I’ve taught them to (thrift) well!

For more about the interview check out A Good Look by Goodwill, they have fabulous thrifters from all over the country chiming in on the ultra-fabulous donations they get, and DIY-ing projects, and… and…. AND!  It’s definitely worth the bookmark for all the wonderful information and thriftspiration!


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