Weekend Olympia thrift-haul

With our summer upon us, we are traveling more and more down to the Olympia area to visit with friends and family, spend time on the family farm and of course shop the Tacoma-based Goodwill stores!

This weekend my mother, sons and I hit the Olympia Goodwill and picked up some great bargains on their RED TAG sale!

This Ann Taylor navy dress was 1/2 off $5.99!  I also picked up a brand-new Target brand pair of pants for the little one for $2.00, a gift book for a friend (one of the first editions of Louise L. Hay’s “You can heal your life” a classic!, a $1.00 packet of Hanukkah tissue (thinking ahead, always thinking ahead!) and a book for my soon-to-be-sixth-grader about all the things a 6th grader should know.

When we got back yesterday I went to check on my container garden and weed the weeds and VOILA!  I had my first harvest of radishes to enjoy!  My container gardens are doing lovely and besides the radishes already coming in, the parsley and the tomato plant are thriving nicely and my basil is even finally making an appearance!

We are enjoying all this wonderful Seattle sunshine this week… how about you?


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