Get to Goodwill(ing)!

Okay, okay… I know my posts have been short and fewer in-between, but a holiday weekend, our baby’s first birthday celebrations and finishing my first round of medical schooling has just taken it out of me!

BUT… I’ve been rejuvenated with a recent local article in the Issaquah Press ( and a request to do a guest Q & A on the NY/NJ Goodwill blog to see how the challenge is going!

Besides… we’ve been receiving birthday money (and Goodwill gift cards so I better check out the stores soon for these growing children and my growing lists!

P.S.  A little birdie just told me that the Seattle Dearborn Goodwill ( is having a BIKE SALE on Saturday, June 11th.  Just in time for your summer vacation!  Stay tuned for more info. (including the opening of TWO new stores in Gig Harbor and Yelm this summer!)


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One response to “Get to Goodwill(ing)!

  1. Gretchen

    In 1993, I was faced with the need to refurnish a home after a burglary. The burglary completely stripped our 1 bedroom 800 sq. foot cottage. With only $500, my then teen daughter and I, accepted the challenge and within 6 months, an only $487 used, we completed the project. AND, we loved our new treasures. Everything was fresh, colorful and very us!

    So YOU go girl. Thrift ON. It’s not ony fun, thrifty and can be addictive!

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