Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift Haul

This weekend we ventured out to the Bellevue Goodwill ( to beat the Memorial Day Weekend Sale crowds and ended up scored some great-green-tag-goodies!  Two of the items in the video were green-tags (1/2 off) including this great brand-new kitchen towel (which ended up being only .99 cents!)…

I had a friend recently ask me how much each item was in our last thrift-haul so I’m going to start listing the prices individually when I can, so here is this Thrift-haul’s breakdown…

Towel .99 cents (green tag deal), Vintage little boy’s T $1.99, Brand-new little boy’s T $2.99, Glass lighting fixture $1.99, Star Wars Birthday present (green tag deal) $4.99

See the rest of the Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift-haul items in the video below and have fun @ the sales (or your holiday travels) this Memorial Day Weekend!



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4 responses to “Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thrift Haul

  1. Jodi

    Love your blog and seeing what you scored on in each Goodwill store. The Bellevue store is great – I found a 2010 Vancouver Olympics Ralph Lauren polo shirt there for $4 !!

  2. nokiaunlock is cool, bookmarked!

  3. Anonymous is super, bookmarked!

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