Mommy’s Day Weekend Thrift-Hauls

This last weekend was Mother’s Day and we had a wonderful day!  After breakfast @ our favorite neighborhood cafe I was given my present of what else?…….. a Goodwill gift card!!

So, we ventured out to find some goodies and came up with some great items!

First, I found a very-hard-to-find Star Wars T-shirt for one of our PEPS friends having a big 1st BDay pretty soon, which was awesome!  We also found another T for my little guy and I scored some brand-new shorts from Banana Republic!

We also came across a set of Ikea children’s chairs that my little one just LOVES and pushes around the kitchen all-day-long!

And of course, we found something pretty practical (and much needed at times!) a plunger!

I also have an update on my upcycled flower-holder made from a used light fixture (remember the ones I saw @ the Fremont Market?).  I attended the BDay party Saturday night in which I had made one of these flower-holders as a gift.  First I had to purchase an item from The Home Depot (16 gauge wire) because Goodwill did NOT have something this specific, then I twisted and turned the wire into a great little gift!

And here is the lucky BDay girl… Adrienne (a florist too!) loving her DIY Goodwill gift!  

So there you go, our holiday weekend in a nutshell…


BDay partying…

Mom-Day eating…

Goodwill SCORING!…

and a toilet-bowl plunger.  🙂

This mommy couldn’t be happier!!



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2 responses to “Mommy’s Day Weekend Thrift-Hauls

  1. sounds like a perfect weekend! i love little chairs for some reason, i don’t have any little people to sit in them but i always feel an urge to buy them! 🙂

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