Clean out those DRAWERS!

This year the Goodwill started a DONATE campaign to encourage people to go through their closets, garages, storage spaces and homes and donate all they are not using/don’t need.  Now the Goodwill has partnered up with Hanes to encourage people to “clean out your drawers” to help the environment and your local community with job training through the Goodwill.

Not only is Hanes helping encourage Americans to donate but they are taking it one step further and have announced a photography contest!  You can find out more about the contest by going to

We went to our local Bellevue Goodwill ( and brought in some really great items to donate such as this brand-new with tags Carter’s baby outfit, or a BCBG skirt and new parent books.

We’ve cleaned out our DRAWERS for Hanes and Goodwill… have you?


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