Meet the MAN!

This week I had the AWESOME ADVENTURE of interviewing Gary, the manager of the Bellevue Goodwill.

Now for anybody that’s seen any media footage concerning the Seattle Goodwill in the last 5 years it has been Gary that you’ve probably seen.  Evening Magazine doing a Halloween episode, Gary!  Local TV news coverage for the annual Seattle Goodwill‘s Glitter Gala, Gary!  If you have even been visiting the various stores for more than two years you’ve more than likely seen… yep, you guessed it, GARY!

Gary is a Seattle Goodwill ICON.  I say icon because not only is Gary super-chill, always engaging the customers, always doing what he can to spread the Goodwill message, but Gary does all of this with a warm personality, a friendly smile and of course a FABULOUS sense of style!

So, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Gary for this challenge/blog and asked him a little about his Goodwill background, his thoughts on what Goodwill means in our community and of course what men’s hot fashions you can find at a local Goodwill!  The only part of the interview I didn’t have a chance to touch on is the upcoming Bellevue Goodwill Designer event which is happening April 29th through the 30th.  You can find out more about it here: March Goodwill Calendar

Enjoy the interview and say “Hi” to Gary next time you see him!   



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2 responses to “Meet the MAN!

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  2. Karen Teasdale

    Just wanted to thank you for this video – I have been overseas for many years, and was surprised at the change I observed in the GoodWill stores on returning several months ago. I love hearing stories, stories connect me, so now I appreciate the new-look GoodWill so much more by ‘meeting’ Gary.

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