It’s Happened again!

These past two weeks I have NOT being able to find some things @ the Goodwill?!  First it was the Caribbean blue scrub uniform for school, then when I was redesigning my cubical space @ work I couldn’t find any LIVE PLANTS to put in a pot I bought for my desk.  Then, this weekend we awoke to our Boston Terrier puppy making a #2 mess all over our carpet and there is no Carpet cleaner or Pet disinfectant @ the Goodwill.

I had to buy the plant @ Lowes and the Pet Cleaners @ Fred Meyer this weekend.  😦

I will save the thrift-public from all the gross details and instead show you how our puppy looked when we found out…

So there we go… THREE items that I couldn’t find @ a Goodwill so far this year.  BUT for all the other 90+ items (look for another challenge update soon!) I’ve been getting @ the Goodwill I’d say those are some great averages!


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One response to “It’s Happened again!

  1. Frank

    My hat is off to anybody with kids.

    We’re simple folk, quite frugal. Having seen your blog, I went back and looked at our purchases so far this year.

    Keep up the good work.

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