Cubicle Thrift

Cubicals… Love em or Hate em?

Well, when you love your work, making your cubical WORK for you is just as important!  I stumbled upon a great book once called Cube Chic that inspired me to redesign my work station…to FENG-SHUI my work life.

This is what my cubical area @ work looked like for many months… BLAH!  It looks NOTHING LIKE the book?!!

SO, I had to do something about it!  I searched for items, looking for things like a desk set, new planters, frames for pictures… even a new lamp!

And VOILA!  Here is my REDESIGNED BY GOODWILL work area!

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It feels SO MUCH MORE like a well-designed area!  But even if the image sucks… I still feel like a home improvement reality show host!   🙂



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2 responses to “Cubicle Thrift

  1. Seattle Goodwill

    Your work space looks great!

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