In Love and Goodwill

I’ll admit it… I have a couple of guilty pleasures.  I do love shopping, and specifically @ the Goodwill.  I also love reading the “I SAW U” ads on Craigslist and in The Stranger (a fabulous Seattle paper for those of you out of the loop).  Last night, as I sat down to catch up on the last week’s worth of I SAW U‘s, a headline POPPED OUT @ me.

“goodwill – M4W (w oly)”

I immediately was curious and opened the ad…

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you today at the goodwill.
You were shopping for clothes.
You had brown hair, tied back. Thin rimmed glasses. A black and teal coat (kind of flannel shirt design) with grey shirt. Jeans and brown boots.
Beautiful. You looked so serious.
I know you won’t see this, but if you do, send me a message and let me put a smile on your face and make you laugh.
Dinner and drinks maybe?”

So for anybody thinking… No, I was not at the Goodwill in Olympia that day.  But I just ADORE the AMORE going on @ the Goodwill! Besides, this guy is SO ROMANTIC just posting to hopefully find this girl again in the first place!  So I thought I’d try and help a guy out and ask you, the Thrift-Public, to pass on this message to any girl you think this might have been?!

Yes I am playing matchmaker, kind of.  I mean how cool is it to help two people find LOVE with each other?  REALLY FREAKING COOL…especially if it’s @ the Goodwill!  This is the stuff of made-for-TV-movies AND what I would say that “Living a Goodwill Life” is made of!



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