Those Crafty MARCHers!

If February is for Lovers then March must be for Crafters? And if you answered Yes, then you would be right!

Now if there is a pretty direct correlation between thrift stores & something… it is being crafty!  I can’t even estimate how many DIYers are out there rummaging their local thrift stores searching for those “must have” trinkets that help them form their wares. Even I myself started drafting my Children’s clothing line from thrift store finds.

So in honor of all things crafty this month I’m going to be posting on different aspects of DIY-Thrifting.  Posts will include how I re-design/think about items to use for something else, other DIY Thrift-Crafters and their wares, maybe even some research into what’s happening and hot in the DIY-Thrifter circles.

The first post is about how to make an item serve a different purpose by doing nothing to the original!  Just re-thinking about how it can be used differently.  I did just that this week with a very special friends Birthday present.  This friend is a professional photographer, manages a specialty photography department and needed some frames for their work desk of loved ones.

I spend an hour rummaging the Seattle Dearborn store for unique frames, looking at a variety of new and used choices.  I went down every bin and had a couple picked out until I seen a vintage photography item…. a 4X5 film holder.

At one glance I realized that what normally held the film that became the picture could indeed hold the ACTUAL picture!  Then, I seen that the bin was holding 6 of the holders, SCORE!  Not only could I supply our friend with a couple of frames for their desk but then they could have a couple more for their home!

The gift went over fabulously, our friend LOVED the items and they commented several times that they would of never thought of using the film holders as an actual frame for the pictures!

This is just one of many examples of taking an item and utilizing it in a completely different way.  What items have you converted with no work?  What items have you seen remade?  Please share your THRIFT-spiration with us!

Happy CRAFTING this MARCH Thrift-Public!



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3 responses to “Those Crafty MARCHers!

  1. misc-maranda

    what a great find AND a great way to use them!
    a friend of mine just sent me a link to your newspaper article and i immediately started following! i’m on a similar mission, i only buy used, but if it’s new it must be made in the US or fair trade. i’d love to have you check out my blog as well 🙂

    • Maranda-

      Thanks for reading about my challenge & your comment! I love that these ideas are catching on more & more for the benefit of our environment AND to turn a corner in society to be more frugal and self-sufficient!

      Since you are one of those “crafty” types that I just posted about today, and because it’s National Craft Month, would you like to do a video/interview on items you look for/buy @ Goodwill?

      Please email me at: if your interested.

      Of course, I’m adding your thrifty-fashionista link to our blogroll so we can all SHARE the Thrifty LUV!

      Thanks again!

      -Beautiful Existence

  2. Lindsey Turner

    Cute idea! Can’t wait to see more!

    Lindsey Turner
    Thrift and Shout

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